With the changing and ever-evolving world, businesses need to update their operations and stay competitive, especially in this pandemic. Companies fought for their survival with a lack of connectivity and coordination. It is assumed to have 3-4% growth in the post-covid-era. Hence, to have a stable position in the market, the digitization process has to be super-fast at scale. Gartner says

Global ERP market was valued $39,340 million in 2019, projected to surpass $ 86,303 million by 2026, according to Gartner.

Here SAP’s latest package offering, Rise with SAP, plays a significant role in companies and their growth. It has become a solution that was earlier an option but has become a necessity. SAP has reported first-quarter 2021 revenue of €6.35bn, two percentage hikes in sales in the same year. The cloud revenue has increased by 1% to €2.147bn, representing 34% of the total.

What is Rise with SAP?

RISE with SAP is a subscription service offering that combines a set of products and services. It is a complete solution for overall business transformation. It includes three main pillars:

  • Business process simplification/transformation
  • Move to S/4HANA, and
  • Infrastructure run operations

With the help of Rise with SAP, companies now have an opportunity to reach their target audience and manage business transactions with a 100% digital approach. It helps in processing A to B businesses with the proper alignment along with their unique challenges. It reduces difficulties which help in adopting and evolving new business models and enables you to stay ahead with your competitors.

All RISE with SAP packages comprises five core elements:
  • SAP Process Insights
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • Embedded services and tools
  • SAP Business Technology Platform cloud credits
  • SAP Business Network Starter Pack
Why RISE with SAP?

Intelligent enterprises turn resilient when they leverage the right technology to enable their digital world. After the pandemic, innovative businesses aim to become more agile and resilient. They want to:

  • Digitally enhance their products and services
  • Future-proof their business
  • Invest in technology to close digital transformation gaps
  • Accelerates digital transformation and innovation

Rise with SAP is custom-made for organizations looking forward to organizing their enterprise ecosystem and managing their workload for smooth functioning in the fastest way possible. The solution extracts accurate data from various sources of your organizations and carefully evaluates the same to facilitate rational decision-making. The suite is cost-effective and delivers high business impact. It involves the IT department having both- IT professionals and industry experts for detailed study of the area.

It is a game-changer commercially as many services like cloud editions, business technology platforms, and business networks are bundled in one subscription service. A single platform which simplifies contract procurement and vendors management. It help to grow the network as it allows customers to connect and maintain relations with their suppliers and trading partners.

Rise with SAP has added 400 and 900 new customers in Q3 and Q4, 2020, respectively. SAP has reported first-quarter 2021 revenue of €6.35bn, up 2% on the same year-ago quarter. Cloud revenue has increased by 1% year-on-year, and S/4 adoption is up 2.5% on the previous quarter.

Better Cooperation and Governance with Minimal Cost

Deploying Rise with SAP for your operations helps the service partner stay in touch for a longer time with cooperative and constant support instead of the strategy for the delivery model. It is advantageous for with enterprises who have smaller IT acumen and proficiency.

SAP has been one of the leading businesses enables globally, and RISE with SAP helps overcome many of the difficulties that come in the path of on-premise and SAP ERP. The RISE with SAP is making it easier to run your transformation journeys, such as extended solutions to power SAP Business Technology Platform and business networks to help you collaborate.

How Nexus supports enterprises to ride on Rise with SAP wagon -

Rise is SAP is a subscription service that consist of managed cloud infrastructure and services in an umbrella. The holistic and robust edge makes enterprises intelligent. Nexus comprises the extensive experience of successfully innovating enterprises and has comprehensive knowledge across industries. Nexus empowers enterprise multifaceted with state-of-the-art SAP technologies. Also, the portfolio consists of varied services which are fully proficient in digital transformation for long-term success. Nexus has been efficient for the smooth and rapid deployment of the solutions.

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