Real-Estate Industry

Revamping Realty & Space Management

In today’s globalized and competitive environment, the most important strategy is to optimize the assets, ensure property portfolio insight, & reduction of cost, thereby enhancing the ROI & TCO for all the enterprises. To address the complete lifecycle of the realty process, evolving customer demand, workforce availability, government regulations and compliance, managing the information & data, state of the art solutions is the need of the hour. Nexus Real Estate solution encompasses the complete ecosystem from acquisition, responsibility & accountability, maintenance & control, utilization & disposition and uses the digital technologies based on industry specific Best Practices to optimize and streamline the enterprises realty processes. Our solutions are totally seamlessly integrated with back-end operations &financials which enhance the enterprises real estate performance, building management, lease accounting, and many more.


Real Estate object Management

  • Dual view of master data- architectural view & usage view
  • Manage all types of real estate objects- business entity, land, building, rental unit, rental space, & rental room objects etc.

Contract Management

  • Real estate contracts of the lease-in & out category
  • General vendor & customer contracts
  • Security deposit agreements
  • G/L account contracts (posting reserves for service charges)

Space Optimization

  • Account for architectural structures, usage attentions, and technical amenities & features
  • Define spaces flexibly and rent them
  • Represent real estate objects visually-graphically & CAD

Financial Management

  • Comply to the accounting standards
  • Control cash flow & expenses
  • Bill customers for space occupancy
  • Post to internal cost centers
  • Costs Recovery-from any number of occupants
Solution Overview

Our real estate solutions help the enterprises addressing their complete realty management processes, integrating directly with the finance module. With Nexus industry & subject matter knowledge, insight of over many years of experience, the solution has been designed to meet the requirements of all the enterprises in a cost-effective manner, adhering to all the accounting standards.

We offer standard solutions that can be enhanced with functional add-on to provide solutions as per the customer business requirement.

Solution Features

Real Estate Management

  • Partner Management
  • Property Management
  • Lease Management
  • Service Management
  • Financials Management
  • Profit Centre Accounting
  • Bill of Quantity process
  • Authorisation Matrix
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Document Management System
Key Benefits
  • Enhance the “charging back “costs” process” and reduction in administrative expenses by issuing invoices.
  • Space occupancy of internal and external occupants - Manage & track.
  • Increased efficiency-due to Management of shared use space.
  • Improved business & Data analytics and management of immovable real estate assets
  • Automated lease administration and management processes to increase efficiency, reduce errors, segregation of duty and avoid penalties.
  • Streamline the processes of defining, allocating, and approving portfolio costs with direct connection unto accounts payable and receivable