Digital Transformation

Prerequisite for the competitive world
Digital Transformation

With growing customer expectations, industrialization, emerging industry trends and a dynamically changing business landscape, digital transformation is no longer a choice for enterprises. It's a matter of survival and is rapidly becoming a reality in the competitive world of business. Nearly half of enterprises globally say improving customer experience and satisfaction were the leading influences to initiate digital transformation.

Those enterprises still holding on to traditional obsolete business models will face all-around challenges in today's world and will no longer remain competitive or relevant in the near future. The technology-led business process alternatives are much faster and more productive than conventional business operations. The pandemic was a significant catalyst for enterprises to comprehend the importance of embracing innovation in business models through transformative solutions.

Organizations work best when every department of an enterprise is robust on multiple fronts and interconnected. Business players are required to ensure frictionless communication across their departments for better output, says the 2020 Oxford Economics report. A prediction by Gartner states that those organizations which endorse data sharing will outperform their competitors in multiple business areas by 2023.

In the post-pandemic era, enterprises should focus on driving transformation to reveal endless business prosperities. Consistent business outcomes and success will be achieved by fostering a state-of-the-art technology-based infrastructure at their grassroots level. However, digital transformation is not about just embracing technology; it's about creating a balance of innovations in the existing business operations, meeting emerging market demands and satisfying customer expectations. It supports restructuring the management framework in a streamlined manner. IoT, AI, RPA, big data, cloud computing, automation and blockchain are popular technologies used in digital transformation projects.

Increasing Customer-Centricity

Business players have realized the importance of delivering optimum customer experience and put in a lot of effort to maximize satisfaction. Sometimes customer service is blended heavily with sales and marketing efforts merely as a subset, blurring the vision of the approach. Also, the heavy product-centric process lacks the necessary customer engagement needed today. Enterprises need to embrace an adaptive, innovative, integrated system for excellent customer experience management that provides a holistic view of customers' analytical data. According to Gartner, companies that gross $1 billion a year make an additional $700 million over three years by investing in customer experience.

With the fast-growing consumer demands, businesses need to transform themselves on many fronts. Logical steps for the same include deploying business transformation prospects to enhance the cost-effectiveness of service, digitizing customer journey, developing agility in customer service and real-time analytics utilization.

Efficient financial management -

SAP S/4 HANA provides a reliable, efficient and integrated solution to streamline financial management. The holistic approach of financial tools provides overall surveillance and real-time visibility of all the financial metrics and assets. It automates daily financial tasks such as payments, tenders, vendor management, sales and purchases to fasten transactions and ensure smooth cash flow. The state-of-the-art technology at Nexus assists in maximizing business performance by measured, highly analyzed steps and interactive features designed to help businesses improve operational efficiency, replace laborious paper-based processes and reduce costs.

Robust business strategies

Technology has disrupted the marketing process by advanced targeting and strategic campaigns which are personalized and captivating for consumers. It creates an integrated ecosystem for targeted marketers. Building and nurturing long-lasting relationships with customers and business partners are crucial to remain strong in the market. For this, customer relationship management is constructive. A robust digital presence is needed to stay relevant in the digital space. Real-time analytics helps in making effective strategies and performance measurements. According to a research report by Microsoft, cloud solutions decrease small business workload by at least 42%.

Digital technologies accelerate business growth due to their wider audience reach and build long-lasting relationships with customers to promote brand loyalty. Digitized marketing efforts help to track metrics, which are further analyzed. Data-driven customer insights enable us to generate a customer-centric business strategy that is even more relevant, personalized, and agile.

How Nexus empowers Digital Transformation

Nexus comprises wide-ranging experience of successfully innovating enterprises and has comprehensive knowledge across industries. Nexus's portfolio consists of varied services which are fully proficient in digital transformation for long-term success. Nexus has been efficient for the smooth and rapid deployment of the solutions.

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