Dynamism In Motion – Weighbridge solution

Cut Operative Time, Manage fleet effectively and Increase ROI
What is Weighbridge System?

A system used to weigh large automobiles and vessels that transport goods and other materials from one place to another. Solution has an electronic or digital monitor displaying the weight of the vehicle and henceforth noted by the operator for checking in/out of vehicles.

What are the challenges of Weighbridge solution? Problems with manned weighbridge system.
  • Deeply dependent on booth operators
  • Susceptible to deception, theft, and malpractice
  • Lack of transparency in the process
  • Higher operative cost with low productivity
  • Crowding and mismanagement in busier plants and facilities
Solution addressing the above challenges:

Introducing the Weighbridge Automation Solution will help to standardize the commercial weighing industry through data and automation. Eliminating the requirement for manual involvement and booth operators, making the process tampering-free. Solution makes the entire weighing process transparent, making it easier for organizations as well as customers to have more accountability.

Integrating seamlessly Weigh bridge Solution between weigh bridge, independent weigh bridges and the server for accurate and reliable weighment recording.



  • Capturing all import and export weight data - based on the real time movement of the truck
  • Delivers secured weighment, with various services like CCTV, image capturing facility, RFID integration, barrier gate integration, etc.
  • Manages and tracks any critical information - during the time of weighing the trucks etc.
  • Offering accurate measurement of goods through a high-quality industrial weighing scale.
  • Offering extensive responsibility for each vehicle by using a receipt generation system at entry and exit points.
  • Reduced the operative Logistics cost , thereby allowing organisation to stay competitive.
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