Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling

Our approach to manufacturing management tackles requirements of local markets while evading re-engineering or analogous product development solutions

Manufacturing organizations globally, irrespective of industry, whether equipment, automotive, energy or technology manufacturers, are searching for pioneering ways to differentiate themselves to their customers.

As experts in production planning & control, our approach is to connect the complete industrial manufacturing ecosystem, helping harmonize sales estimates with Material Requirement Planning-production schedules, materials planning and logistics systems.

Plan is nothing, planning is everything -incessant enhancement is better than deferred precision
Our Service offering
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Inventory Modeling
  • MRP Optimization
  • Transport Cost Optimization
  • Transport Cost Optimization – 3PL
  • Vendor Performance & Risk Assessment
  • PO Release-Contextual Intelligence
  • Spend Analytics
  • Working Capital Management
  • Predictive Maintenance – Anomaly Detection, Failure Prediction, Fault Classification and Spares Inventory Strategies
  • Supply Chain Visibility, Responsiveness, & Resilience
  • Optimized planning and control
  • Assigning production demand targets based on the dynamics of manufacturing centers, plant capacity, and availability of materials and skilled personnel, market, and regulations.
  • Combining Machine learning and predictive analytics to facilitate real-time amendments to production plans and schedules.
  • Color-coded dashboards displaying operational data (predictive and historical values), enabling comparisons and permutations to maximize capacity utilization
  • Rationalized product costing, and better management of inbound and outbound inventory.
  • Significantly, our ergonomics-oriented production systems ensure sustainable operations by preventing health and safety issues.
  • Nexus develops feature-rich, mobile applications for geographically distributed functional and product teams to manage global operations. Access standard operating procedures, production schedules, checklists & status reports, and approval forms enable real-time collaboration- Anytime, anywhere.
Challenges & Solutions in Production Planning & Control
Industry Challenges Solutions
Dispersed production systems of an organisation; Required to be integrated to maximize ROI
  • Complete PRODUCTION ecosystem connected
  • Opening opportunities, resource rationalization and economies of scale
Ought to minimize the product localization / customization cost
  •  Integrated dashboards & reporting with real-time visibility and predictive analytics is allowing business process owners to mitigate machine, labor and supply chain risks.
Able to replace shift-by-shift planning and review cycles with long-term plans.
  • Agile solutions for production management
  • Blended standardized global best practice processes for basic operations and site-specific systems
  • Ensuring uniform quality while addressing business / statutory requirements of regional markets.
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