SAP Version Upgrade

Strategizing to stay “Updated” with the latest enhanced package in SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA Version Upgrade.
SAP S/4 HANA Technical Upgrade

Nexus has helped in evolving an all-new strategy for SAP Version Upgrade, which eventually helps in a significant cost saving for the customers. With all the latest upgrade versions, Nexus helps in giving the customers better planning and, professional execution of the project. We even help our customers by solving all of their queries about the latest SAP S/4 HANA version upgrade or any transition in the software.

Exploit the technology innovations, enhanced security and many more.

SAP Version Upgrades can be of various types :

  • Within SAP S/4 HANA version upgrade from lower version to the current version like from SAP S/4 HANA version 1610 to SAP S/4 HANA version upgrade 1909
  • ECC 6.0 EHP version upgrade

Upgrading the system from the lower version to the higher version is not a normal and easy task. SAP Version Upgrade activity needs deep knowledge and expertise in the field of the system upgrade process. Impact on the business and technical aspects that can happen during the upgrade needs currently updated skillsets and as well as a business strategy to implement upgrades efficaciously. The successful process follows rules of system & database pre-checks, evaluation, and, assessment, to improve the business process of the enterprise.

SAP professionals implement the SAP S/4 HANA Version Upgrade as well as the mandatory custom codes & programs, thereby necessitating an intensive amount of collaboration between the business users and the software delivery team.

SAP Upgrade Strategy


Any upgrade strategy has been to implement the new Innovations, Capabilities, functionalities, current upgrades in software and improvements that help to achieve the business goals & value by demonstrating the return on investment. This is typically called a functional upgrade.


The key driving factors for the IT department is to stay current with the corrections, updated security patches, and to simply stay at a supported version guided by SAP technical maintenance roadmap. This technical upgrade approach helps improve the performance of the system and simplifies the architecture as well as the landscape.

SAP Upgrade Strategy


Nexus SAP Version Upgrade approach always has been to bring in and implement new technology initiatives, innovations, new features, and improvements in the technology sphere. Customers now take advantage of the latest innovations by means of intelligent technologies such as Predictive Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, and Robotic process automation.

This has helped businesses enable and realize their business goals & value by achieving the desired return on investment, this actually drives the organization’s requirements for the SAP S/4 HANA Version Upgrade. To achieve this upgrade requirement, significant functional rework happens aligning with the re-engineering of business processes.


Technical Upgrade

The name itself represents that we are technically upgrading the system, accepting the newer version of screens , reports , function modules etc a technical adjustment causing minimum impact to the existing business processes. Technical upgrades are normally carried so that our system can be activated with the latest components of SAP which can ease our deployment process of new advanced developments like migration to HANA engine, deploying fiori mobile applications, Automations etc.


Functionality Upgrade

Once technical upgrade is implemented; it is the time to activate new business functions given by SAP in latest version. This upgrade surely depends on the choice of the customer, whether they want to enhance the existing Business function or want to continue with existing functionality. Nexus even re-visit the business blueprint document in order to check that the work that is adopted in the earlier SAP version can be mapped in a more efficient manner or not.

Thus, due to years of experience, Nexus is well-positioned to successfully deliver the version upgrade by its top-notch methodologies that are not only fast, efficient and low-cost but are also tailored to the customers individual SAP landscape.

Value Preposition of SAP S/4 HANA Version Upgrade
  • End to End Business process coverage
  • Agility of business processes- Increased business agility thereby helping to consume innovations, adapt business dynamics with minimum effort
  • Increased ROI- Faster return on investment (ROI), Increased & fast value realization for the enterprise/business
  • Low TCO – Solution making configuration & deployment simple, faster and less expensive
  • Improved governance and compliance – Value achieved through governance, security & transformation

SAP Version Upgrade might be easy to make but preparing the analysis for the same is undoubtedly a complicated task to do. When there is a version upgrade within the SAP system, the most complex and decisive phase is when the update is assessed by analyzing its impact on custom development.

For such a work, Nexus propose a technical assessment to their clients which includes the upgrade impact analysis of the custom code while identifying the obsolete objects that require suggested replacements.

When we talk about the value proposition that is the assessment of the upgrade, we talk about:
  • Achieving the optimal usage of the available system resources
  • An upgrade that is cost-effective as well as safe to operate
  • Reducing the cost-intensive system and downtimes
  • Detecting the issue before they arise and addressing the same with reliable solutions
Key Benefits of SAP S/4 HANA Version Upgrade
  • Faster time to value : Speed up the business processes & functions
  • Increased automation with a digital assistant : Drive actions and decisions with speed in-memory computing
  • Enhance Productivity : The experts at Nexus advise their potential customers to enhance their technological infrastructure; an in-house SAP skill, which ultimately helps in enhancing the productivity of the business.
  • High Employee Efficiency : Nexus comprises of experts who are highly skilled and have a sound knowledge of the software and its version updates, which is the reason for its growing popularity.
  • Rich User Experience : The software offers an easy to use and user-friendly interface, which helps in the enhancement and growth of the SAP ECC system or SAP S/4 HANA version upgrade.