SAP System Audit

From Reappraisal to Foresight and Beyond Audit contributing to Prudent Vigilance

SAP Audit Management

Through the years, Information & Communications technology has been making enormous advancement which is offering the businesses & enterprises, outstanding benefits of SAP System Audit; due to this changes or advancement, has led to make the system landscape and business governance very complex. Enterprises & regulators need to address these issues concurrently thereby making the system error free. The focus of every business and management has shifted to:

  • Whether all the SAP Audit Management controls are working fine as per the business objectives
  • Whether all the accounting entries/postings are being done as per accounting standards
  • Whether proper documentation is being maintained
  • Whether critical business-related activities are done accurately

Apart from the above, businesses have also to deal with the rising IT cost, whether it is SAP System Audit and governance &guarantee programs being caused by the complexity increases in the regulatory landscape. To address this issue, the enterprise need to have a successful audit service function to give the SAP Audit Management an objective assessment of the risks they might face and how well it is being governed. The SAP System Audit service of any enterprise will be recognised for the beneficial and timely intelligence value it adds to the SAP Audit Management and governance of the policies & models it adopts and formulates, thereby giving the management the guarantee of controls being brought in place in the enterprise landscape.


Nexus IT internal audit services facilitate businesses understand their key business process & technology risks (governance, process, operations, and IT) that translates and aligns IT risk components to the business, with the ability to go beyond a company’s standard areas of IT controls and to ensure business-IT alignment. Our industry and subject matter expertise define the strategy to mitigate and control those risks. We also provide insight into the threats inherent in today’s highly complex technologies. The audit provides corrective actions for maximizing the value of your SAP investment.


Nexus Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) Practice, offers a complete range of IT Audit & Assurance solutions for all organizations, customised to their culture, size, industry segment, geographical spread and regulatory requirements. Nexus audit services totally focuses and assures the delivery of the objectives of the enterprise, thereby to make them efficient and run their business more effectively.

To keep in touch with the changing business scenarios & times- Agile Design of the Audit solution. While at the same time provisioning for management of the data workflows.

SAP System Audit Services Portfolio :

  • SAP Access Control – Manage Access Risks
  • SAP Process Control – Ensure effective controls & ongoing compliance
  • SAP Risk management – Manage enterprise Risk across the organisation
  • SAP Audit management – Transform Audit beyond assurance
  • SAP Business Integrity Screening – Implement efficient fraud detection
  • SAP Tax compliance – Compliance with Tax regulations

Key Benefits of SAP System Audit

  • It can help in identifying and eliminating the system errors witnessed during the operation of the business process.
  • To meet the particular requirement of the company, if specific training is needed, then the SAP system audit will identify it and then you can design the new training program accordingly.
  • Get to know the extent to which the existing functionalities of the SAP System Audit is used and then can decide when to implement the new functionalities.
  • Identify those areas of the business which are not supported by the system and then unlock those company’s benefits.
  • Nexus will help in verifying the business objective and the procedures that are included in the company’s system with SAP Audit Management.
How Does Nexus Help in SAP System Audit?
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    Simplified the Process of Audit

    Nexus is known for streamlining the planning process of system audit so that they can do the auditing in a better way and timely.

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    Global Monitoring

    Nexus will help in keeping track of the processes that are implemented for overcoming the risks found in the existing system. Continuous monitoring the system audit process thoroughly so that the audit result can be delivered consistently.

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    Documentation of the Audit

    Nexus believes in using the powerful documentation management to keep the reports of the audit in a systemized manner so that one can have access to it.

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    Assess the risks

    SAP system audit done by Nexus will help you in assessing the risk involved with your existing system so that you don’t have to suffer a huge loss.

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    Secure your Data

    One can rely on Nexus, as they will do everything in their power to protect the company data and will make sure it is secure with them.

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Why Nexus for SAP Audit Management?


  • Subject Matter experts with diversified industrial experience & knowledge
  • Blend of technical & functional skill set


  • Resources Management with knowledge upgrade
  • Documentation, recording and analytics


  • Automation of the Audit Procedures


  • Enterprise objective aligned Audit Methodology
  • Risk based Audit control & measures, process testing
  • Built in Quality procedures