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SAP Analytics

SAP HANA Advanced Analytics: More Potential &Value In-Platform Than Ever Before!

The Bloodline of any enterprise in today’s digital era is “DATA”. To get the best effect from the digital platforms and applications, the solution should be able to provide Value added functionality and services built on the insight derived from the historical real-time data.


It’s a best time to apprehend how SAP HANA’s “Advanced Analytics” capabilities can drive the business to run better, understand the potential to embrace the digital enterprise, and drive more business value in today’s highly competitive marketplace. SAP is allowing and enabling customers to do more advanced processing and analytics inside the S4 HANA platform itself, increasing ROI and thereby reducing TCO.


Nexus Data & Analytics practice joins enterprises, platforms, customers, employees, and partners, by integrating data, thereby distributing insights throughout the digital ecosystem. We bring to the table our subject & industrial knowledge, expertise in consulting, implementation projects, and operational services, helps cover the customers complete information and insight lifecycles.


Our data & analytics service is leveraged in an independent mode by businesses or enterprises who are looking to expedite their "data-to-value" cycle. To ensure full potential of data & analytics; our data scientists and analytics experts work closely with our digital consulting and digital applications services groups, which is leveraged by the design digital transformation documents we have created for our esteemed clients.


Customer delight shows from the testimony from our clients; as satisfaction which has been achieved by them due to our practical value driven methods as well as on aligning their business vision needs.


Advantages from our services to our esteemed customers:

  • Advantage in Competition Intelligence
  • Operational service Intelligence improvement
  • Realize the full power of the digital platforms and reporting
With Nexus Business Solutions “Business Analytics” solutions, Make intelligent Connections! Gives Full advantage of the data with Business Analytics!
Practices - Modus operandi

Nexus can help achieve the digital vision by utilizing their established and controlled execution methodology.


Model Management

  • Deploy & embed predictive models directly into business processes.
  • Scaling & maintaining peak performance of every model
  • Manage the entire gamut of predictive modelling lifecycle – preparing data, model building, evaluate, deploy, & monitor

Predictive DATA Management

  • Accelerate data preparation and join historical data sets like demographics, transactions, and service calls
  • Increase your ability to derive more accurate and predictable results.

Predictive Network and Link Analysis

  • Graphic representation of data
  • Extract & explore relationship between customers & social trenders.
  • Build models with usage of geo-referenced data

Predictive Modeling

  • Automize& configuration features. Created predictive models – no coding required.
  • Gain easy access to wide variety of machine learning algorithms.
  • Take advantage of native predictive modelling with Big Data.
Key Benefits of Nexus SAP Analytics Implementation
Improved business performance with Improved fact-based decision making.
  • Optimum usage of data integrated to organizational planning functionalities.
  • All Platforms and applications are compatible. Effective use of analytics with extensibility across devices and applications.
  • Automatization to analyze data, reveal the key influencers & supports “what-if” scenarios and simulations.
  • Solutions are “Future-ready” whether on-premise or cloud analytics solution built to handle enterprise-level Internet of Things (IoT) data.
  • Simplified financial planning and analysis.
  • Faster ROI and higher value from existing investments.

Improve Data Collection: SAP Analytics provides smart machine learning tools to help you gather data and analyze information more efficiently.


Faster Decision Making: Thanks to the valuable insights provided by SAP Analytics, you can make smart, confident business decisions.


Discover New Trends: SAP Analytics has the latest predictive tools and machine learning algorithms that will help you detect hidden patterns and emerging trends.


One Solution, One Platform: Rather than using an array of different software, the SAP Analytics Cloud gives you the best business intelligence functionality on one single platform.

How does Nexus help?

  • Supply Chain Analytics- demand forecasting models, process optimization, to aiding planning and improving supply chain process. SOP Modelling and providing real-time visibility and decision-making capabilities, we cover processes across the entire value chain.
  • Marketing Analytics- Forecasting & determining, Evaluating & analysing, marketing intelligence. and prescribing strategies to improve marketing performance
  • Retail Analytics- Creating a 360 view of customer, mitigation risks across supply chain, merchandising, marketing and other business functions.
  • Financial Analytics- Nexus offers a range of services across various process areas Time-series model &problems, credit risk to fraud and AML.
  • Customer Analytics- Tapping the immense hidden knowledge by understanding consumer behavior to make informed business decisions.