Transition from Digital Businesses to Intelligent Enterprises

Begin a new chapter in your business, Begin with SAP S/4 HANA.
SAP Implementation

Data assets and insights are being used by “Intuitive enterprise businesses” to achieve their business vision objectives. The intelligence from the analytics provides the desired outcomes speedily with less risk and enhances the customer experience or delight. SAP S/4HANA® is the next-generation, intelligent ERP that allows your business to become an intelligent enterprise.

Simplify and accelerate SAP S/4 HANA journey

You just cannot build a smart business without a smart business solution like SAP S/4 HANA. Enterprises who want to transform to the SAP S/4HANA journey, speedily, efficiently, with the minimized risk, we offer SAP Advanced Deployment, a turnkey offering from the Nexus Digital Business Services. The software that runs on SAP’s advanced in-memory computing platform gives you a tailor-made customized and personalized customer experience. Contained within the latest next-generation business suite, SAP S/4 HANA is quite simply the most intelligent ERP solution available today.


Enterprises looking for to add value to their businesses and remove common complications & impediments associated with the other Enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, then S/4HANA is the perfect solution for you. Hundreds of companies around the world trust Nexus when they are looking to implement SAP S/4HANA. From software configuration to System Conversion, With SAP S/4 HANA Deployment, our subject-matter and industrial experts become one’s primary partner leading the digital business transformation. Nexus helps the Enterprise in becoming an intelligent enterprise by helping you set the vision and platform for future innovation.

About SAP S/4 HANA & ECC 6.0 Rollout Service
Reaping the value of “simple” thereby eclipsing the technical complexity. Reaching the Goals speedily.

Enterprises today want to take advantage of the “potential of deep simplification” – of business processes and critical data – making the businesses to transform to S/4HANA solution, whether from the Legacy systems, or migrating from an existing SAP Business Suite system, or consolidating their existing multiple SAP instances into a single S/4HANA instance or platform. The core objective being “Realization of Digital Core Value”.

Expansion in business vision, leads to investing in new infrastructure whether capital or subsidiaries, the key aspect all the companies look for is to integrate the existing SAP system with the new entities and bring all of them under one platform.

Getting started

Setting up the guidelines and direction of the S/4HANA voyage is as vital and important, as accurately realizing the goals. Mapping thoroughly all the processes, dependencies, prospects and dangers that are intrinsic in the client’s system landscape. From the past experience, key learnings from implementation & rollout projects and conversion or upgrade projects and driven by subject-matter & diverse industrial knowledge experts, Nexus has developed simple assessment leveraging utility programs for SAP S/4 HANA.

Key Benefits of SAP S/4HANA
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    Rapid access to data with agile tools. SAP S/4HANA agility lets enterprises achieve extra with data, thereby achieving the operational as well as business goals.

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    FIORI SAP UX powered by SAP HANA which is the new UI, is powering & speeding-up the processing of data which has improved the productivity thereby unlocking the Fiori's potential.

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    Operational monitoring

    Enables enterprises to avoid delays in data export between the systems, but directly reporting from the native ERP database. This also addresses the enterprises data integrity concerns & risks involved.

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    Major benefit the enterprise can reap from the transformation of IT systems to SAP S/4 HANA systems. Reduction of the reconciliation process and instead promoting one single source of truth, which is a very significant achievement. Simplified data models help in improving the dependability of the data across functions. Exceptionally simplified data model allows users to eliminate unnecessary tables and reduces data redundancy to support real-time business.

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    Cross-functional transparency

    Another benefit of SAP S/4HANA is the enablement of consistent and dependable workflow. Ability to access information across all or various systems and cross-functionally working in real-time, empowers real-time intelligences with analytics into the data across the organization.

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    Creation and implementation of the digital strategy foundation, the power, flexibility and usage of The Fiori UX and SAP HANA is needed. Nexus provides end-to-end digital solutions thereby enabling to:

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    Uses SAP HANA database system that gives users advanced capabilities including text mining, predictive analysis and real-time decision support.

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    Reduction in Cost & improving ROI

    SAP S/4HANA dramatically reduces the top management mindshare required in day-to-day operations while also reducing costs and wastages.

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    You can deploy S/4HANA in the cloud or on-premise as well. For additional flexibility, you can use a combination of both during implementation.

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How does Nexus help with SAP S/4 HANA Implementation?
Idea to accelerate solution development and deployment

Our Preconfigured solutions include industry process repositories with delivery accelerators, best practices, processes and scenario documentation, business value creation and realization artifacts, preconfigured settings, sample master data, configuration documentation, and an extensive array of predefined reports, interface, conversion, enhancements, forms and workflow (RICEFW) reusable objects



  • Diagnosis of complex IT environments to bring new ideas, state of the art processes, real-time solution
  • Business Process Re-engineering & deployment


  • Reconceptualising design of business requirement
  • Preparation of a Global Template & Roadmap for implementation
  • Digital Core at the centre


  • Tailor made solutions to Enterprise objective & aligned to Business Vision Testing and POC creation Cut-over preparation, deployment and manage future need


  • Real-time data processing & analytics, for improved business decision.
  • Transformation to new system
  • Continuous innovations and new product development
Our People
  • Experienced SAP S/4HANA Consultants:
    The team at Nexus has years of experience implementing SAP S/4HANA across industries.
  • Comprehensive Implementation:
    Our service covers everything from planning and migration to rollout and software integration.
  • Proficient Skills and Understanding:
    We deliver projects on time because we have unique skills and in-depth business understanding of S/4HANA.
  • Customized SAP Rollout and Cloud Service:
    Our team will adapt our SAP implementation services depending on your business requirement so that you get the best solutions.
  • Smooth Knowledge Transfer:
    We will not stop until the job is complete, and that includes seamless knowledge transfer as well as help with training and documentation.
  • S/4 HANA User Training:
    Nexus has a team of experienced consultants who provide detailed user training to master advanced functions and features of S/4 HANA.