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SAP Resources Augmentation

A Golden Opportunity called Augmentative Outsourcing

Resource augmentation is a powerful business model that businesses and organizations leverage to increase agility and respond to the changing needs of the enterprise.

There is a wide range of scenarios in which companies leverage staff augmentation, including:


Increased Capacity

Fulfilling temporary spike labour demand in projects, manufacturing work, seasonal demands etc.


Bridge to Hire

Long-term needs, in case of bridging capacity while hiring permanent team (new business line etc.)


Specialized skills

Out-of-house specialized skills required for period of time (logo design creation, technology setup etc.)



Building of team/organization almost entirely flexible labour as a strategy to gain competitive advantage (speed to market, agility of skillset)


SAP is not like any other computer or IT skill; it is a totally different aspect of IT which has various flavors, niches and modules. Therefore, it is hard to find SAP consultants who are affordable and can be the best fit for your company’s project.


Nexus provides flexible team augmentation services – whether one need to hire one or more consultants or want to augment one’s team with other techno-functional professionals like QA engineers or technical writers, we can assist you in your project success. Our consulting team will be working full-time on with team on your project dedicatedly.


Our other value-added services are that ensure the smooth integration of your remote development team and help you grow your business. These services include: Testing, Process Consulting, Technical Consulting, IT Relocation, Quality Control.


However, at Nexus, we have a certified and experienced team of SAP consultants and resources with all the required skills who can join your team whenever required. We can assist you in finding the best SAP resources according to your requirement because we know finding SAP skills is like unicorn hunting in this technological era.

Key Factors Differentiating for choosing our services

Techno Functional Expertise

  • Strong Domain Knowledge
  • Resources across Technology spectrum

Established Clients

  • Experience with Fortune 500 Companies
  • Successful delivery of ERP, Analytics, Planning & Consolidations Solutions

Proven Delivery

  • To End clients, System Integrators & Staffing firms
  • Accelerators, Templates, Pre-Defined tools and RDS
  • Technology, Demography and Geography understanding

Experienced Subject Matter Experts & Resources

  • Average Experience more than 10 years
  • Offshore/Onsite/Global deployment Capabilities
  • Offshore Delivery Center
Key Benefits of Resource Augmentation
  • Impacts the revenue and cost-of-revenue side of the client business processes & projects.
  • Enables business to co-create innovative products & solutions partnering with the service partner Nexus Business
  • Gives the buyer access to a pool of business process experts-clients have access to the pool of resources, so the client benefits from subject & industry domain knowledge, technology and advisory perceptions as well as analytical, judgmental and cross-functional expertise. An augmentative expert is “intellectual, tailor, fighter, innovator” – all in equal portions.
  • Encompasses the augmentation relationship beyond the senior management personnel. Most clients view operational metrics as pure play around “turnaround time”, “accuracy, and so on as stakes on the table.
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    Saving time by not following the complete recruitment process as well as interviewing the consultants, ad educating additional highly skilled and professional personnel can be significant

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    There are significant savings realized by contracting at hourly rates for specified periods of time. Included in these savings are the avoidance of costs associated with having to provide a competitive full-time benefits package and training for a traditional full-time employee.

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    Targeted staff augmentation helps reduce the likelihood of costly project over-runs by having the right resources in the right places for critical time periods.

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    Agility is critical to any organizations success in responding effectively to market conditions and regulatory changes. Staff augmentation provides additional flexibility in prioritizing resource and workload challenges by quickly addressing unanticipated staffing needs.

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    One of the trade-offs for outsourcing certain functions can be a loss of control. Staff augmentation enables you to maintain more organizational control and oversight of your projects and initiatives

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    The best staffing providers have access to many highly skilled and specialized candidates for particular and unique needs. These candidates will enhance the “tribal knowledge” of your organization stepping in to fill leadership and supervisory roles and train your staff in the process. Often these individuals are open to staying on as full- time staff when there is an especially good fit.

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Nexus Business Solutions

How does Nexus help?

  • Customer Service - Nexus Business is committed towards offering the best quality customer service to their clients by understanding their requirement first. Our team of experts works closely to fulfil all the expectations of our clients.
  • Assurance of the Quality - The team at Nexus Business understands the importance of delivering experienced resources. That is why we use the most rigorous recruitment process so that we can judge the technical, business and soft skills of all the applicants.
  • Access to Qualified Resources – Nexus Business is known for offering qualified and experienced resources so that your company can achieve its business goal. We have access to various web portals that can be used for hiring certified resources for our clients.
  • Adherence of the Process - The life cycle of the recruitment process includes documentation of resumes, agreements, SOWs, and rates. With Nexus Business, there will be no gaps between in the recruitment life cycle.
  • Unique Approach – Nexus Business focuses on the requirement needs of the client and ensures all the deadlines are met. We maintain consistent and open communication between clients and resources so that it can save money and time.