SAP Fiori Enablement & SAP FIORI Solutions

Simplify Your World Through Design Stay connected to your business wherever you go with SAP FIORI Enablement.

The shift from Features to Experiences

SAP Mobile Apps customized, personalized, simplified in your hand anywhere, anytime

Nexus SAP Mobile Apps benefits the companies transform their SAP user experience quicker with best results. Our clients have deployed UX transformation services, with SAP FIORI at the hub, implementing, simplifying and extending standard & mobile-based FIORI applications as well as portals. This SAP Mobile Apps has appreciably enhanced the client user experience and productivity thereby enhancing customer delight.

SAP Fiori Enablement: Guidance from our Design Thinking team, firstly we recognize the requirements that diminishes the user experience and thereby adversely impacting user efficiency. Our SAP FIORI Solutions created by our team with their subject and industry domain knowledge & expertise in SAP mobility and SAP FIORI this knowledge is then leveraged, to build applications that solve these problems in the best effective methods. Our SAP Fiori Enablement accelerators automate the business processes that help our clients to get the maximum value from these UX transformation solutions, rapidly, quicker and faster.

Make Experience Coherent Across the Enterprise

Best SAP Fiori Implementation Company

FIORI deployment and activation tools from Nexus customize user experience and delight. Our simple SAP Fiori Enablement applications deliver new user experiences made-to-order to the client’s specific business requirements. Businesses benefits from the scale of FIORI/UI5 apps development with reuse of processes, technical components and knowledge with . The offerings help reduce the TCO of SAP Fiori Implementation Company.


Migration and Modernization of Portal-Based Applications

SAP FIORI Solutions: Leveraging SAP FIORI and UI5 based solutions, Nexus assists enterprises with large scale legacy migration and out-of-date technologies being used in portal web applications leveraging our SAP FIORI Solutions and UI5 solutions. We modernize the UX layer and provide mobile friendly SAP Mobile applications with the best SAP Fiori Implementation Company

SAP FIORI Apps Across any line of business




  • Myspend


  • Approve travel Expenses
  • Approve Travel Requests
  • My Travel Requests

Human Resources

Human Capital Management

  • Approve Leave Requests
  • Approve Timesheets
  • My Benefits
  • My Leave Request
  • My Paystubs
  • My Timesheet


Quality Management

  • My Quality Tasks
  • Report Quality Issue

Production Planning

  • Confirm Production Operations
  • Confirm Production Orders
  • Read More
  • Release Production Order Operations
  • Release Production Orders

Sales & Marketing

  • My Accounts
  • My Appointments
  • My Contacts
  • My Leads
  • My Notes
  • My Opportunities
  • My Tasks
  • Simulate Sales Pipeline
  • Track Sales Pipeline
  • Read More
  • Check Price and Availability
  • Create Sales Order
  • Customer Invoices
  • My Quotations
  • Change Sales Orders
  • track Sales Orders
  • track Shipments


  • Approve Purchase Contracts
  • Approve Purchase Orders
  • Approve Requisitions
  • Track Purchase Order
  • Approve Supplier Invoices
  • Approve Service Entry Sheets
  • My Purchasing Document Items
  • Approve Purchase Orders (SRM)
  • Approve Shopping Carts
  • Track Shopping Carts



  • Adjust Stock
  • Look Up Retail Products
  • Approve trading Contract
Key Benefits of Using Nexus SAP FIORI Solutions
  • Acceleration of innovation
  • Agility in response to change
  • Simplification by eliminating unwanted aggregation and customization

Instant Access to the data

With the SAP FIORI Launchpad, you can have the easiest and quickest access to the data of all the necessary applications.


Easy to Use

You can use all the apps conveniently through various devices, be it tablets, smartphones, or computers.


Perform Daily Work

By using SAP FIORI apps, you can effectively complete all your daily work from your devices, even while on the go.


Clear Roles

With SAP FIORI apps, you can gain access to only those roles and functions that you have selected.

At Nexus, we put your business in your pocket through smart SAP FIORI apps.
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    Discover the Bigger Picture

    Organizing workshops/seminars on concept thinking/Understanding with the Process owners.

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    Design to Delight

    Design phase ready to start, customized & configured application - “built use case”, & first prototype to test.

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    Design to Great User Experience

    Ensure perfect synchronization and execution with the final design before deployment of the device. Verified the final implementation and design to provide the expected user experience.

How does Nexus help?
  • Nexus Offers a new and broad portfolio of UX design services that guide organizations and companies into a user-centered design perspective.
  • Nexus helps you define and execute the best UX strategy for your business using proven design methodologies such as Design Thinking and User-Centered Design.