Allay hazard with integrated Environment, Health, and Safety management in your organisation

Steering the right “rational change” in “workplace safety” and “product compliance
What is Environmental Health & Safety Solutions?

SAP EHS solution was developed to effectually manage occupational health, industrial hygiene, and the overall safety of employees, products, and the organization. Enabling the organisation to integrate safety and health tasks in the enterprise's existing business processes.

SAP EHS & Sustainability Services

Function securely by proactively identifying risks, analyzing the company operations, and thereby mitigating environment, health, and safety risks, by using the SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management (SAP EHS Management). Manage chemicals safely, monitor industrial hygiene, product compliance, industrial cleanliness, health and safety, industrial waste management and reduce organization’s environmental impact.

  • Proactively Identify Risk
  • Safeguard operational continuity
  • Make operations safer
  • Simplified complex procedures and automated processes.
  • SAP’s Carbon Impact Software - an exclusive platform providing industries or organizations with certificates on basis of their vital data related to carbon emissions.
  • Monitoring pollution meter - surely an advantage for any company
Nexus’s SAP S/4HANA EHS and Product Compliance Services Portfolio
  • Incident management

    Improved EHS risks visibility, real-time analytics Investigate, track & follow-up on incidents
  • Health & safety management

    Vendor safety management & monitor hygiene Unified approach to EHS risk assessment with risk analysis methods Track occupational health process & integrated to HR data
  • Environment management

    Manage emissions fulfilling legal requirements Calculate aggregate emissions, fostering data transparency & monitoring
  • Compliance management

    Integration to external content providers and update regulatory changes Assign legal requirements & internal policies Established compliance workflows
  • Worker safety

    Integrate risk & asset management Pull risk information into work orders and propose relevant safety measures automatically Provide standard icons and clear instructions on job cards
  • Product Safety

    Safety data sheet & label management Dangerous goods management

Key Benefits & Capabilities

  • Engagement of employee/workforce to identify and act on hazards by operational data analytics
  • Improved EHS performance by incorporating risk management into daily operations
  • Safeguard operational continuity -optimized production by proactive risk mitigation & reducing unplanned downtime
  • Considering all health safety principles of EHS by organizations’, -long lasting customer & employee relationship
  • Barcode ID to increase safety and security.
  • Mitigate and overcome the occurrence of adverse events

Nexus Advantage

  • Flexible engagement model specially focusing on customer success and cost efficiency
  • Deep expertise in industry best practices, regulatory knowledge and SAP S/4 HANA EHS /Product Safety
  • Innovation expertise in SAP HANA cloud migration, SAP Cloud Platform, cloud hosting and next generation technologies
  • Certified SAP Silver partner and strong SAP executive board relationship
  • Years of experience in AMS services (Functional, Technical, Basis and Security)
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