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What is GST e-Way Bill?

GST e-Way bill is an electronic document needed for the transportation of goods from one location to another for both inter and intra state transportation of goods, goods value being greater than ₹50000. e-Way bill is generated online on the Tax portal, contains details - name of the consignor, consignee, origin of consignment, consignment destination and its route. Process in generating e- Way bill requires a registered taxpayer generating the e-Way bill for their outward supply document. Generation of an unique e-Way bill number (EBN) which is transferred to the supplier, and is available with the recipient and transporter.

The Nexus GST e-Way bill generation solution has the following components:

  • SAP ERP e-Document
  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SCPI)
  • SAP Certified GSP
Process Flow for SAP GST E- Way Bill Solution

Nexus offers a complete automation of the e-Way bill generation process helping enterprises increase efficiency, higher accuracy and better compliance.

The process flow for the GST e- Way bill solution is as follows.

A. Invoice and challan are generated in SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA system. It supports the following transactions.

  • Sales and Distribution billing document
  • Financials
  • Stock transfer
  • Subcontracting process

B. The user needs to get the details of the e-Way bill like e-Way bill number and validity from NIC System to the SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA system via the GST Suvidha Provider (GSP).

C. Generate all the details required by NIC for the e-Way bill. The payload for the e-Way bill is generated in the e-documents framework.

D. The payload is sent to the NIC system via certified GSPs using the SAP cloud integration platform.

E. The outward document generated is linked to the e-Way bill. Users can print the required documents with an e-Way bill number before the transportation of goods.

e-Way Billing Solution

With a Single click, e-Way Bills Generation for your invoices

GST application is a comprehensive program- enabling users in filing GST returns seamlessly keeping in mind GST compliances and rules thereby validating the document contents.

e-Way billing solution from Nexus is an automated tool ensuring user friendly experience to customers. The complete seamless automated packaged solution for customers to generate e-way bill and therefore bring to them customer delight.

Integrating SAP S/4 HANA through our developed APIs and NIC portal ensuring to generate real-time error-free E-way bill. This solution directly interfaces SAP system with NIC portal and make the request by calling the online NIC provided API and get the required e-Waybill number. This e-way bill number can be printed on the Invoice document and movement of the goods can be started, thereby avoiding duplication of data entry and eliminating the risk of data entry error.

Features of the solution:
  • Non-disruptive and automated - users need not use any other transaction or report to generate the eInvoice.
  • Automated inbuilt validations - for all mandatory master data and transactional data ensuring error free and upload of eInvoice payload to the IRP.
  • Process response from IRP: the IRN number, QR code, Digital Signed invoice for Invoice print-out, audit trail, reconciliation with the other GSTN mandates
  • Uses the Document Compliance, and Cloud Platform Integration.
  • Uses the services of Certified GSPs to integrate with the IRP
  • Providing an integrated user experience and document synchronization across all the 3 different GSTN mandates. Still the solution can also be deployed and used independently for each individual mandate.


  • Complete inter-operability across the entire GST system
  • Single SAP Platform - Eliminating the need for fresh Data entry
  • Data & transactional validations - reduce Data entry errors
  • Reduced operational Cost-Increased efficiency
  • Totally automated, Paperless
  • Prevent Frauds
  • Real-time information Tracking
  • No Manual Efforts
  • Time-Saving
  • Reduce Payment Cycles
  • Help in Reconciliation
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