Change the journey from manual documentation to AUTOMATED.

Go Digital! e-Invoicing & e-Way billing

To digitise the business practices, e-Invoicing and e-way billing has become the core of the business today. Electronic invoicing process has taken quick strides to bring down the share of the traditional paper-based invoicing. It has helped both the corporates as well as the public sector businesses to benefit from the features and intelligence of the e-invoicing services; especially the tax department which has shown increased interest in this service.

Streamlined & simple e-invoice management and compliance documentation work together to eliminate invoice error risks& exceptions, auto validation of the document content and thereby helping to make vendor or customer payments. As digital information can be easily viewed across various landscape &systems than manual document residing on the manager’s desk, e-invoicing process makes it easier by:

  • Improved cash flow for suppliers and buyers
  • Agile Management of cumbersome compliance tasks
  • Act a Facilitator to collaborate within the business and as well as with the trading business partners
  • Maximization of early-payment discounts & optimization of the working capital
  • Reduction in the overpayment risk, fraud and statutory regulations violations
Digitized invoices assists’ the tax authorities by providing them cost effective and productive tools to counter the various types of tax fraud and statutory regulation violations.
e-Invoicing Solution

Nexus e-invoicing solution enables automation of both of the invoicing processes. Sales Invoice circulation, or purchase invoices gathering can be done electronically as pdf files, but this is not a true e-invoice because it may need additional data re-entry which is cumbersome and error-prone and does not support automated processing. Our smart e-invoicing solution, network business guidelines help & alerts the vendors & suppliers about errors or flaws in the invoice thereby preventing incorrect invoices being uploaded onto the process workflow or back-end system. Additionally, the solution can capture and automate the invoice processing of all types of invoices, whether PDF invoices or non-PO invoices, and invoices for complex services.

E-Way Billing Solution

e-Way billing solution from Nexus is an automated tool ensuring user friendly experience to customers. e-way solution from Nexus is the complete seamless automated packaged solution for customers to generate e-way bill and therefore bring to them customer delight. Integrating SAP S/4 HANA through our developed APIs and NIC portal ensuring to generate real-time error-free E-way bill. This solution directly interfaces SAP system with NIC portal and make the request by calling the online NIC provided API and get the required e-Waybill number. This e-way bill number can be printed on the Invoice document and movement of the goods can be started, thereby avoiding duplication of data entry and eliminating the risk of data entry error.

Benefits to both of the supplier and customer
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    Quick invoice processing & payment and cash flow improvement

    Manual invoices make the processing cumbersome and tedious, whereas the e-invoices are immediately accessible to the both the buyer and seller for quick processing and payments.

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    Account reconciliation process is streamlined

    Reconciliation process of all the invoices become easy thereby saving time, similarly all the invoices processed can be tracked with details and paid for thereby simplifying the reconciliation process; reducing the vendor outstanding invoices.

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    Reduction in dispute management as well as invoice rejections

    Error free Invoice processing and payments lead to reduction in dispute management as well lowering of invoice rejections. This reduces the cost of mitigation, as well as saving of processing time

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    Improved Customer satisfaction and delight

    Our e-invoicing solution’s quicker processing time with lesser late payment issues being minimised, suppliers provide a higher level of customer satisfaction and retaining the customers

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    Increased Efficiency and mechanisation

    E-way billing provides the Purchase department to implement auto-validations like calculations of tax and other terms and conditions have been met and followed, also to validate that the data is correct. Purchase invoices documents are matched with the incoming goods receipt alongwith all the relevant information. This helps the buyer to have a confirmed and validated information thereby reducing the risk mitigation process.

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    Cost reduction

    e-way bill solution completely eliminates manual processes; data validation, sorting of invoices and registration of the invoices thereby saving costs.
    Intelligent analytics provides insights on the areas of leakage and thereby, brings tax efficiencies. Insightful analytics assists in efficient tax management and also judicious commercial behaviour and consultations with sponsors.

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    Seamless Connectivity

    Direct integration of SAP S/4 HANA to NIC portal through GSPs and APIs

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    End to end compliance

    Monitors the complete statutory governance regulations and compliance of enterprises business ecosystem.

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    Scalability of the solution

    Supports all future changes whether technical or platform being brought out by the Statutory governing bodies.

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    Transparent solution

    Tracking & cancellation of e-Way bill.

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    Authorisation & Security

    Transaction authorization is totally role based.
    Encrypted data through-out end to end business processes.

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Why choose Nexus e-invoice solution?

  • E-invoice uses Simple Architecture that supports ECC 6 or S/ 4 HANA
  • Invoice data issued in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or XML formats.
  • SAP e-Invoice is your one stop vendor to manage ASP, GSP and SAP.
  • The solution is armed with authorization and advanced data encryption.
  • It is a real time solution for SAP Customers that is simple and seamless.
  • Completely error-free and hassle-free legally compliant invoicing.
  • Automated solution without any manual intervention.
  • Easily connect with government portals and financial institutions.
  • Solution can be configured as per changes in government laws and rules.
  • Nexus has a strong technical and functional SAP team to make sure your e-invoice solution runs smoothly.