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Cloud Solutions for Procurement & Supply Chain From Sourcing to Settlement - Transforming Business Digitally
Cloud Solutions for Procurement & Supply Chain
From Sourcing to Settlement - Transforming Business Digitally

Finding a supplier and pricing an item simply isn’t enough. A strategic approach to sourcing is vital for realizing immediate requirements, satisfying enterprise-wide reduction in costs. By identifying cost-cutting opportunities, defining and executing a supplier selection process, and creating contracts, converts into actual savings

Companies are adapting the new, evolution in digital economy aligning the business and procurement processes in meeting the global demands of supply chain. Businesses need to look at the bigger & broader picture and thereby have a more complete view of “how to collaborate”, “negotiate”, and “connect with your suppliers”.

What is SAP Ariba?

The SAP® Ariba® Sourcing solution is designed to help companies overcome the challenges of selection, contract creation and execution; Ariba is a unique software-as-a-service solution, complete strategic sourcing offering in the market being used by enterprises to create and implement competitive best-value agreements. By combining cutting edge sourcing and negotiation technology, SAP Ariba Sourcing is enabling the industry, to drive quickly the sourcing lifecycle, by automating and rationalizing vital processes:

  • Strategy development – Identify savings opportunities, measure & evaluate market dynamics, and design an informed sourcing strategy
  • Sourcing and negotiating – Recognize and be eligible suppliers, negotiate best-value agreements, drive sourcing collaboration, by standardized processes and finally managing knowledge
  • Monitoring and managing suppliers & contracts – Quick sourcing agreements implementation, track and achieve cost & savings, and manage supplier invoice.
With SAP Ariba, you can:


Sourcing Decision making and view business spend


collaboration with source & material sourcing, increased savings

Compliance Assurance

Ensure reduced costs with contract management

Performance tracking

Information management, with tracking and tracing, asses risk

Simple Shopping

alignment to procurement Best practices of company

Increased transparency

transparant visiblity in the complete supply chain metrics
Ariba Features
  • Technology

    RFX creation and management-A broad set of RFX types, including RFI, RFQ, Reverse & forward auctions Patented competitive bidding Matrix and tiered pricing Bid optimization Supplier response management
  • Category Management

    Project management Document & Workflow approval management Knowledge management Resource management
  • Saving pipeline tracking

    Expertise and best practices delivered through a flexible delivery model Focuses on capturing and reconciling invoices
  • Third-party Integration

    Supply Chain Collaboration-integrate your suppliers’ operations into your system Using Web services
  • Community

    Integrated access to Ariba Network for efficient and effective supplier discovery, qualification, risk assessment and more-competitive negotiations
  • SNAP

    SAP Ariba SNAP procurement is a cloud based, time-to-value procure-to-pay solution

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