Application Management Services (AMS)

Get the best quality and customised AMS out of your IT.
The best Application Management Services to get the best out of your SAP Technology

Application Managed Services from Nexus Business Solutions brings to table the insights-driven & agile method approach to create an applications domain that delivers on the potential of the digital enterprise. Nexus Businesses, Faith depends on the past experience & Industrial Knowledge of

  • Our Subject Matter Experts by delivering application services to enhance process deficiencies,
  • Reduction in rising support costs thereby to deliver tangible successful results by delivering applications that are effective, efficient, and available.
And this is where Nexus Business Solutions comes in.
Our SAP Application Management Services not only provides technical and functional support for various businesses but also manages and monitors their entire SAP system.

Real-time insights and intelligence expertise enable us to see proactively across the entire portfolio, spotting many potential trouble issues well in advance. Accordingly we help improve the applications availability for business process owners in becoming more productive.


Our Application Managed Services help business enterprises achieve better ROI results by taking a strategic, flexible, and people approach to managing the complexity of the application portfolio.


Businesses and professionals’ avail of our customized services because of our ultimate loyalty and reliability. We offer them the best customer support by solving all their SAP queries wherever and whenever required.

Business stakeholders will be better informed about the core applications that are foundation to running their business.

No service interruptions, Meet & run-the-organisations’ business demands
Reduce TCO by freeing up funds for Innovation & Evolution
Support the Enterprise by focussing on growing assets & resources thereby business growth
Lower the cost by maintaining visibility and control over applications
The Bloodline of any organization is the Application Management Service.

Extension of Application Management Services from the routine operations and maintenance into Improved Application Development Management and IT services, and broader lifecycle processes & activities. Reduce TCO by freeing up funds for Innovation & Evolution


Standardisation and Process maturity, alongside enhancement tools, permits AMS providers to create and build platforms that enable fast transition drive automated operations

Nexus AMS Value Chain

Interpret and Design

  • Illustrate the AMS strategy & objects
  • Common Platform
  • Define Measurement & Project objective

Evaluate and Direct

  • Project Management (PMS) tool Implementation
  • Performance Benchmarks & Target
  • Priorities Improvement Strategies

Build Value Attitude

  • Change perspective from routine conformance to SLS based target and realization
  • Embed resource value in the AMS chain
  • Continuous benchmarking and assessment of opportunity against the market dynamics
  • Communicate across the AMS Portfolio

Fullfil & Implement

  • Track & update status-Project Management Targets
  • AMS portfolio continuous alignment with Business Objectives
  • Enlarge the AMS Portfolio spectrum
  • Keep your SAP System running with our top-class AMS support services.
  • The best Application Management Services to get the best out of your SAP Technology.
Key Benefits
  • Continuous monitoring and manage the SAP ecosystem
  • Provides technical, as well as, functional Support for Workflows Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements and Forms (WRICEF).
  • Subject Matter Experts and Experienced Industrial knowledge brought to the table for continuous business opportunity improvement and evolution
  • Global-class help desk support center of excellence. 24*7 aiding via

Web-hotline/ E-mail for web-based support


Direct phone lines & cell-phone based support


Team viewer based online support


Support over Instant messengers


Remote login to the Customer’s server


Visit by the consultant on need basis

How does Nexus help?

  • Intact Knowledge by AMS Experts: The high-end professionals at Nexus, helps in driving the up to date knowledge of the business in order to ensure the best quality delivery.
  • Maximize the ROI: From making a quality investment to receiving the maximum rate of interest, is what Nexus aims for.
  • Advanced Management: By covering all the elements of SAP Enterprise, Nexus manages everything. From end-user support to business enhancement, all is done perfectly by the experts.
  • Monitors & Controls: A single click, and you’ll be equipped with all the relevant information. By using the best SLA tracking tools, Nexus controls all the parameters of the given project.
  • Flexible Engagement Models: This ultimate application helps in choosing the most flexible engagement model which completely suits your business and gives you an efficient business model.