Linking Sales Team to Top Notch Prospects

NOW – gain competitive edge
Sales Tracker

Gain competitive edge and boost brand image at the top of the competition with qualified prospects using qualified Lead Generation Services. Nexus has the knowledge about qualified leads and how to generate lead generation campaign, make precise decisions, and create a great sales channel for the organisation.

With next-generation marketing automation – Tactical Marketing Reactions

Know your prospects, shape lifelong associations & grow your ROI

Capture leads and qualify

  • Reduce lead outflow to zilch with lead capture pages, connectors, APIs and more

Recognize & realize customer intent

  • 360-degree user profile, actions, activity + social media tracking

Spot signals

  • Track and trace, trigger meeting activities & recognize a user’s intention to buy

Envisage user journeys

  • Pre-built user behavior, meeting & engagement movements for important actions, like pricing, schemes etc.

Reassure action

  • Direct relevant content right as and when users need arises encouraging marketing & sales actions

Trigger engagement

  • Across all networks and campaigns – emails, text messages, social, phone calls, portals and more

Measure performance

  • Get proactive & predictive insights across lead sources, engagement campaigns, user journeys and more

Trigger re-engagement

  • Increased Customer Lifetime Value & reboot dead leads via cross-sell signal capture and triggered campaigns

Connect your systems

  • Single platform - for marketing, lead capture, engagement and conversion activities
Features of the solution

Lead Voyage and Intercommunication Scheduling System

Visualize, run and plan out effortless lead conversion voyage

Action Action Captured & Automated
  • Lead visits the website
  • Search and track for information-website
  • User fills form based on the requirement and searched information
  • Lead details captured and stored
  • Response/ mailer/quotation received from the customer
  • Communication automated – mailers/chats/calling
  • Schemes and offers are sent to the lead to take decision
  • Omni Channel Marketing process Automated
  • Based on response, acts – does not finish the application and exits
  • Rejection
  • Based on response, acts – does not finish the application and exits
  • Confirmation captured-verified
Communicate effectively with your prospects & customers

Choice of channels - Text, Chats, mailers, call, self-service portals, social media and more

Lead Tracker
  • iconTrack lead activity and communication with the team
  • iconviewing webpages
  • icon Interact on campaigns/schemes (email, text, social or PPC),
  • icon Communication & conversations had with the teams
  • icon Visualize the complete journey
Target communication - Segmented prospects
Lead Segregation Segregate prospects based on
  • iconDemography
  • iconProfiles
  • iconActivities
  • icon Interests
  • icon or any other important attribute
  • icon Generate applicable and personalized bargains and communiqué campaigns, customised campaigns as well.
Increase loyalty & customer retention with communicating recurring events

TEngage and schedule recurring events for prospects and customers automatically- reminders setting, important messages & tips etc.

Trigger messages on self-serve customer portals

Trigger automated, pertinent, targeted communication on self-serve customer portals, seamless system integration, providing an extraordinary customer delight. Integrate with popular marketing and sales apps.

Not using Nexus Sale Automation - you are missing marketing automation!