Production Planning & Control

scaling businesses’ production process by Planning, Organizing and Controlling
Converting to Success

Organisations need efficient business production processes to convert raw materials into quality finished products. Contemporary production process & management approach encompasses investing into multifaceted infrastructure, the right modern technologies, build professional team etc., so as to be able to strategize and optimize these critical business processes, helping to deliver quality products to customers fulfilling their need.

By deploying production planning & control management organisation

Gain full control of Step-wise production process; Manage orders and costs on the go and Rapidly acclimatize to developing market trends.

Costs control: At every step of production chain. Awareness of spending & ROI of running projects

Planning & Control: Plan production lifecycle, stock balances analysis ensuring no supply chain gaps, and prepared for demand spikes.

Get full insight on: Particular product's profitability, understand crucial factors for ROI growth, and increasing earnings.

Keeping an eye on the variability of resources in the best optimal way
  • Cost Calculation and Allocation

    Insight- Planned costs of each finished goods. Variance comparison of Actual results V/s projected ones enhancing production strategy. Assess – to both direct and indirect costs of goods and services.
  • Production Planning and Control

    Production Load Planning based on market trends and raw materials' availability. Proactively prepared for demand spikes Reorder planning -reserve enough materials in stock.
  • Running Sub-contractors Process

    Effectively management of production orders, outsource them, optimize production, and allocate additional resources, all in one place. Track production order status of subcontractors Production capacity planning- plan the overall quality of products, and meet deadlines in a single screen.
  • Sales and Distribution

    Close deals quicker and keep customer orders status updated. Accelerate sales order process and stay on top of sales funnel. Monitor current cash flow position.
  • Inventory & Light Manufacturing

    Material Procurement Planning – all materials required for production. Control inventory levels and prevent product shortages. Valuate cost of goods.
  • Growing Profitability

    Profitability insights -developed on correct algorithm.
  • Accounting & Financial Reporting

    Access instantly reports, analyze and close the books on time. Get quick, customized financial information & report access.
Production planning and control management -Who will benefit?

Production Manager Get detailed control of production processes, improving efficiency.

Head of Production Reduce production costs by shop-floor planning

Business Owner Crucial decision making
scale your business
by new product or optimizing operation operations.

Higher Product Quality, Reduced Waste, Lower Operating Costs, Better Decision Making – Nexus ERP