Predictive Analytics

Open up the worth of the “data” in predicting and shaping the future
Predictive Analytics

Envision customer actions and performances, steering & directing the business

Predictive analytics is using historical data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to detect the probability of future happening results.

Nexus has created APIs that has bearing on “Influencer performance”, “fraud detection”, “sentiment analysis”, and “audience insights”. The API, was built as a complete tool for efficient influence search, competitor analysis, and campaign monitoring.

How do we work?
  • Define problem
  • Extract data
  • Explore & analyse data
  • Data modelling
  • Realise
  • Value, deploy & run
Nexus PA Models Augmenting the Business

Predict customer churns/attrition

Customised solution

Grow Promotional campaign opportunities

Forecasting strategies-response & accuracy

Customer segmentation

Credit rating-reducing risks

strategies-stay competitive & reduce leakage

Value optimization

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Machine Learning Consulting

The Nexus team consisting of experienced data scientists and machine learning (ML) engineers work closely with each client in providing state-of the art solutions to organizations of any size. Delving deeply into each case Nexus carefully designs best-fit state-of-the-art tools and proprietary solutions. The resultant output is the customised ML based models and solutions as per client’s business strategies, requirements, and goals. Our machine learning (ML) engineers are completely focused on the profound self-learning solutions development. These systems are capable of performing well on unstructured data and giving a highly accurate output.

Machine Learning Consulting Services

Nexus technical & subject matter experts provide ML technical and business consulting solutions keeping in mind the unique business requirements.

Issue identification, opportunity & reduce data collection & storage challenges

Conduct data analysis, model development, important reports & recommendation

Implement ML Algorithms-provide bit-fit approach & data processing.

Deep learning development-fine tuning performance algorithms powered by AI Neural Networks

Enhanced & Customized ML Web applications

Enterprise ML Service -solutions to optimize business operations gaining valuable insights