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SAP and OpenText

In today’s organized data world, 1/3rd of all generated content whether inbound and outbound is unorganized and the content volume is rising. Digital transformation essentially changes how the enterprises work across their system environment and conduct internal business processes, but at the core of any change or revolution is how this digital information is being used by the organizations.

What is SAP Document Access by Open Text solution by Nexus?

Organization’s business processes work together with numerous different SAP modules and systems, as well as integrate with different non-SAP systems. Ecosystem must address and ensure the complete and accurate understanding of the business processes and the implication of the output. SAP Document Access is encompassing the SAP document management capabilities, allowing easy and in-built display of documents and data according to the business requirements, across entire used applications, using a secured central repository. Integrated with the SAP environment, and user-friendly interface, is providing users easy access to documents using folders in a tree structure.

Thanks to Nexus ECM Cockpit, thousands of documents are warehoused in a transparent and a very neat logical manner.
  • Secured, long lasting storage of SAP and non-SAP data & business documents
  • Scanning, capture, and view of documents, e-mails, notes, and annotations
  • Archived data in context across applications and processes- Online or offline can be viewed
  • Seamless integration with SAP Business Suite solutions
  • Enables SAP users to engage in native exchange of ideas with customers
  • Controlled & flexible environment enabled - for content creation, editing and distribution without the intervention of direct IT action
  • Business critical communications creation - Automated
  • Automatized communications with corporate asset management systems (SAP DAM) ensuring corporate brand and regulatory compliance
  • Integrated and Connected - practically any data source or back-end system
  • Regulatory compliance, quick & easy search and document or communication retrieval -Archive and workspace integration ensured
  • Multiple languages supported - single environment and template

Benefits Of Sap Document Access By Opentext:

  • Transparent processes integrated with SAP modules and systems
  • Complete view of business documents and related data across the ecosystem
  • Non-SAP documents - Accessible in the SAP environment
  • Complete document management functionality in SAP
  • Secured and continuous archiving process of all documents and data in a secured centralized storehouse
  • Tight integration with the SAP environment