AI-Driven Mobile App Development

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Mobile App Development

Today the AI-based mobile apps have become the core business strategy in achieving business goals and boosting revenue. Key component and elements of any successful app being “Personalized user experiences”, “Security”, “Effective design”, “Feature-richness”, and “Performance”, and here where AI comes into picture with extremely AIs’ proven usefulness

Let our team help in creating an app climbing on the download charts and bringing the increased business revenue.

AI to Develop Mobile Apps

3 major technology being used to design and implement artificial intelligence into mobile apps - Machine learning, Deep learning, and NLP.

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development

Engage our trained experts to help you to empower your app.

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    Prediction engine

    Offering customised predictions and recommendation

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    Personalised engine

    Empowered apps with personalised engine to prevent overload of information

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    Image recognition

    Nexus believes in using the powerful documentation management to keep the reports of the audit in a systemized manner so that one can have access to it.

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    Video analytics

    Real-time monitoring & analysis

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    Data extraction

    Leveraging AI to derive valuable user insights

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Opportunities You Get

Derive benefits from our customer sentiment analysis solution, you can take the following opportunities:

  • Monitor Specific Keywords across the Social Web
  • Filter out Irrelevant Content and Information
  • Discover Topics and Sentiment of Customer Messages
  • Quick reaction to Any Alerts about Your Products/ Services

How You Can Use Our Solution

Using our sentiment analysis solutions clients within their organizations facilitate tasks:

  • Monitor online product reviews, emails, tweets, social media posts, and other types of text data
  • Monitoring each customer feedback and respond quickly
  • Predict customer attrition/churn
  • Monitor Time to market and time to deliver to the right customer
  • Resolution of issues before escalation by Analyzing employee sentiment