Employee Works HCM solution is a truly comprehensive integrated tool covering the entire spectrum of HR function, right from Hire to Retire
  • Innovative HR Processes & Technology
  • Designed by Subject Matter experts with years of HCM Expertise
  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • Visionary Leadership

The solution is comprehensive, user friendly, simple to use as well as being cost effective. Eliminating paper-based HR activities; and offers an end to end centralized HR operation automation system integrating seamlessly with the Payroll and Self-Service Modules. Available on cloud, on-premises and possess mobile-friendly access.

Challenges and Solutions

HCM software is designed and developed using cutting edge technology which will ease the complex and challenging function of HR executives.

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    HR Task Management

    Challenges - Managing different HR tasks with disjointed & different software. Solutions - Single HCM platform for all HR tasks, totally can be integrated.

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    Time & Cost

    Challenges - HR Management – tedious functionality, Time and cost consuming. Solutions - Reduces HR time and cost by effective HR functions & process management

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    Convenience of Location

    Challenges -Multiple Location employee management hazard. Solutions - Easy management of employees across different locations.

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    HR Compliance

    Challenges - Partaking a tough time keeping up with complex HR compliances. Solutions - Regular compliances updates in-built in the system.

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Recruitment Module enables to augment up and source from a qualified, global pool of internal and external talent. HR team can pick out appropriate resumes from the repository and properly plan recruitment process.

  • Applicant-tracking and reporting functions
  • Managing all interview related phases effortlessly and professionally
  • Categorize and store resumes for easy retrieval, Post vacancy
  • Flawless candidate tracking who come through recruitment
  • Managing all interview related stages easily and professionally

Designed to generate reports helping managers to precisely monitor wide range of employee-related information. It features comprehensive and user-friendly leave and business travel management.

  • End to end paperless and less time-consuming activities.
  • Customizable to client requirements meeting desired level of automation and budget.
  • Offers an end-to-end integration of HR functions with Payroll and Self-Service Modules

Addressing the entire spectrum of organisation payroll requirements ensuring accurate, faster and efficient Payroll Reports processing. Automated and user defined rule-based enablement of payroll related records including wages, bonuses, accruals and other forms of compensation.

  • Automatizes the payroll process using information from Bio-metrics, self-service, leave and loan applications
  • Enables suitable grouping of all earning and deduction heads to map in-house P & L
  • Enables to access 360-degree view of payroll

Designed to provide a host of relevant personalized services directly to Employee Dashboard-. Viewing and managing information & tasks pertaining to them from a single, secure web-based platform.

  • Automates leave process from application to final approval
  • Integrated seamlessly with Payroll
  • Enables to closely manage employee profiles, their benefits, leaves, loans and salary calculations
  • Reduced paperwork, excess formalities and ensuring faster processing.
  • User-friendly navigation section

Appraisal Module ensuring alignment of the workforce with organizational vision goals and track relevant milestones & key employee performance indicators. Automates the complete performance management process, right from establishing strategy-driven goals and competencies of an employee.

  • Automates leave process from application to final approval
  • Integrated seamlessly with Payroll
  • Enables to closely manage employee profiles, their benefits, leaves, loans and salary calculations
  • Reduced paperwork, excess formalities and ensuring faster processing.
  • User-friendly navigation section
  • Includes 360°appraisal
  • Appraisal Managers and appraisees database enabled
  • Managing contributions of external appraisers,
  • Generate appraisal templates
  • User friendly and easy-to-use features needing minimum training for all contributors
  • Enables quick access to appraisal history

Produce individual training plans for staff, deal with training and other learning options slot bookings, and manage the follow-on evaluation and feedback process, while tracking training expenditure against budget allocations. The Training module provides a solution for the HR development, through keeping a complete track of training information in an automated environment. It even lets your HR department share the information electronically with training vendors.

  • Management of position and essential skill matrix
  • Complete tracking of organisation training needs - Assessments, Training records and Post Training
  • Evaluations Setup based skills, skill categories, training vendors/institutes and types of training
  • Workflow enabled, Email reminders for upcoming training schedule, Track post training & training evaluation records
  • Streamlined learning administration (reducing the HR overhead)

Fully Web-based Attendance Software.
To track time of the employees, linked directly to the workforce management module, with information linked to your payroll and accounting software. A comprehensive section which helps the managers to properly monitor times spend by employees for each client group, client and task.

  • Shift Management / Duty Roaster
  • Project wise time allocation on daily / weekly / monthly basis
  • Define shifts, Cost centers.
  • Capture data from attendance devices - Overtime Capturing
  • Capability to merge data from multiple devices
  • Define Early departure, Late Arrival rules
  • Calculation of work hours and posting Useful reports to view attendance data
  • Legislative compliance (e.g. minimum mandated rest breaks)
  • Email / SMS notification on late-in / early-out / absent

Simple fast and accurate Timesheet Management solution. System monitors and generates timesheets of each employee by capturing the start and end-time for each task completed; Timesheet is effective, Solution tracks regular working hours and payroll, as well as overtime and off-times payments. Users can obtain a detailed breakdown of tasks as well as the cost incurred for each task.

Solution ensures avoidance of chasing travel agents, documentation and workflow approvals, thereby saving of money and time.

  • Manages travel workflow and authorizations
  • Approved Requests can be linked with Expense Reimbursement Requests.
  • Tracks travel costs
  • Travel calendar department wise
  • Email reminders for document expires i.e. passport & visa
  • Electronic information for travel agent/agency
  • Configurable workflow for multilevel approvals
  • Travel calendar online and reports

Air Ticket management modules have ensured freedom from manually managing diverse tasks related with processing air ticket booking applications forwarded by the employees, booking air tickets and managing the database.