Hospital Information System

A good Hospital management system is the roadmap to Efficient Hospital goals
Hospital Management system

A good Hospital management system is the roadmap to Efficient Hospital goals Key to achieving success is to have a strong Hospital Management system Well-tuned hospital management workflow involves lots of important decisions that should be made in the most efficient and quick way. Nowadays it is hard to implement it without the distinct hospital management system Managing a Hospital today involves heaps and tons of important critical decisions that should be made well-tuned workflows, in the most efficient and quickest way. Without the distinct hospital management system, it very tough to implement and manage a hospital.

Our hospital information management solution is totally an integrated information system designed to manage the various functions of a hospital - administrative, financials, and clinical aspects.

Management of the patient flow efficiently in a real-time environment, encompassing the complete information processing whether paper-based or the data processing system. Our system and processes are simple and user friendly.

HMS gives user the delight, when using the solution and interface with other ERP seamlessly.

  • Reduced waiting time
  • Timely patient information
  • Integrated modules- Appointment, Billing
  • OPD, IPD, Inventory, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology
SAP Healthcare - solution landscape
  • Patient Registration
  • Appointment & Scheduling
  • Helpdesk & Enquiry
  • OPD & Billing
  • Laboratory
  • Radiology
  • Casualty, Emergency
  • Ambulance – Supporting model
  • Doctor Fee
  • Nursing / Clinical
  • Blood Bank – Supporting model
  • In-Patient / Admission
  • HR & Payroll, Duty Roaster-SAP HCM
  • Service Order Processing
  • Dietary Management
  • Ward Management
  • Operation Theatre
  • CSSD process-Sterilization process (SAP PM)
  • Pharmacy, Material Management-SAP MM
  • Housekeeping - – Supporting model
  • Linen Management - – Supporting model
  • Medi-claim / TPA
  • MIS Reports
  • EMR
  • MRD - Digital
  • Discharge
  • Administrator
  • Integration & Interfacing
  • Mobile Apps.
  • Patient Portal - Integration