Searching for help desk and ticketing system together?

Yes, you have come to the right platform, Ticket to the best customer experiences journey.

Help-desk service is all about business, teams and the most important affiliate/partner is the “Customer”.

Customers respond through multiple channels, and due to traffic, agents are required need to keep track of each of the tickets raised and as well ensure that every ticket is responded correctly on time referencing the correct context.

Make customers feel at ease

Competences that evolves with the enterprise business goals

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    Incident Management

    Identify, track, and resolve high‑impact events - using embedded, proven practice workflows. Single record platform – analyse the event impact, troubles, and change requests in a single platform Incident response analytics - task-oriented view of trouble resolution, automated workflow steps. Priority calculation - high and low‑priority work management based on impact and urgency.

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    FIORI SAP UX powered by SAP HANA which is the new UI, is powering & speeding-up the processing of data which has improved the productivity thereby unlocking the Fiori's potential.

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    Problem Management

    Enables enterprises to avoid delays in data export between the systems, but directly reporting from the native ERP database. This also addresses the enterprises data integrity concerns & risks involved.

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    Issue root cause management and identification and proactively prevent future disruptions. Single platform of record – Identify and address probable errors and fix issue impact all in one platform. Error management documentation Contextual knowledge - Speed resolution, slash disruptions, and diminish effect by solutioning and workarounds. Remedial plans – Reduced future troubles from repetitive incidents; the resource to stop issues at the very source. Automated notifications - Increased transparency and collaborate more efficiently, share updates. Reports and dashboards - Providing functioning transparency, role matrix based dashboards

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    Change and Release Management

    Accelerate change and speed by automating approvals and control maintenance.

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    Request Management

    Provide users with an intuitive self-service portal that works on all their devices.

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    Predictive Intelligence

    Built in Machine Learning application – to simplify and speed up daily routine work.

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    Vendor Manager Workspace

    Manage and optimize vendor services from a single platform.

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    Asset and Cost Management

    Costs tracking, Asset quantity, & agreements for hardware.

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    Performance Analytics

    Unlock insights, trend anticipation, resource prioritization, thereby driving improvement in services.

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    Reports and Dashboards

    Real-time generation and distribution of customized reports and dashboards.

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    Service Level Management

    Performance monitoring against service agreements. Prioritization, reassignment, and task escalation.

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Automated processes

Streamlined Processes. Improved Compliance. Quick Integration. Analytics & Reporting.


Insights and reports

Measure the efficiency of the customer support with wide-ranging reports and dashboards. Dashboard providing managers quick overview of all the significant measures like ticket traffic volume, customer happiness ratings, and the most threaded tickets, helping managers to take necessary decisions and resolve issues quicker. Measure the response, and resolution times for each agent, can also create and schedule custom reports and dashboards for deeper analysis.


Anomaly detection

AI assistant analyses and identifies glitches that can interrupt the business processes. Prevents delays that are caused the glitches.

Features of the Helpdesk and ticketing solution
  • Teams and Agents

    • Assigning trouble tickets to teams or solutioning agents
    • Adding notes, attaching files against the trouble tickets
  • Multiple Channels

    • Manage email correspondence and portal-originated communications through an integrated system.
    • Integrate any other channels, such as “social media”, into the helpdesk platform.
  • Numerous Service Level Agreement

    • Create different SLAs for different customers.
    • Assure and ensure that the support team ticket completion in a pre-agreed and defined time.
  • Notifications & messaging

    • Real-time customer, agent and administration announcements, notices and messages
    • Enabled automated event-triggered responses
  • Security and Communication

    • Security being our top priority, ensuring that the data is safe
    • All communications are secure.
    • Follow industry best practices thereby securing multi-layered protection.

Dashboard and Reporting

Real-time performance tracking performance Access reports providing insights based on vast range of measurable metrics Enable improved business decisions and thereby improving efficiency.
Helpdesk solution helps in data-informed decisions, strategies, and workflows.


Information & Data Base Repository

  • “How-to's”,
  • Troubleshooting
  • Best practices
  • Task example,
  • Templates
  • Procedural information

with the knowledge base feature of the helpdesk, guiding agents the ideal support option for handling the tickets and assessment of the best fit for the user support requirements.

Any Device

Helpdesk portal works on any device and is adaptable, to any device or mobile equipment. Access the helpdesk platform via a web browser which enables to support a remote future.

Govern the support experience - one ecosystem.

Providing support, answers to your products and services, bring up-to-date, events & incidents and trouble & issues to your experts on Nexus helpdesk service ecosystem.