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SAP S/4HANA for Healthcare Industry

Currently, the journey of the patient starts with the numerous safeguard programs before admission so as to ensure the healthiness of patients alongside capturing and using SAP S/4HANA for Healthcare Industry. SAP for Healthcare Industry to the increased importance & the value of the patient’s health data as well as the targeted demand for data analytics, thereby raising the need for transparent access to the healthcare data and relevant hospital diagnostic.


SAP Support for Healthcare Industry

With the use of SAP for Healthcare Industry and digitizing every part of the healthcare value chain as well as usage of Big Data science, SAP Support for Healthcare Industry will help and provide an advantage in the improved services to the healthcare & Pharmaceutical industry, also improving the individual patients’ life quality.

Top Major Factors of SAP for Healthcare Industry

Three major factors influencing the SAP for Healthcare Industry to transform to a digital platform:


Provide SAP solutions for healthcare industry to create Value affordable services to patients, thereby creating an enhanced customer experience, satisfaction & delight


Usage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will enable the workforce to transform into a digital platform with SAP S/4HANA for Healthcare Industry.


Trust, Safety & Security is the essential factor of any data asset management from various sources; industry needs to be well equipped to address this matter.

Importance of SAP for Healthcare Industry

SAP Solutions for Healthcare Industry: SAP Digital transformation is fundamentally crucial today and will be becoming even more indispensable over time. The results are already visible and are a new age of digital connection, enhanced healthcare information access and innovation for the providers and patients alike.


End-to-End SAP Support for Healthcare Industry:

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    Resource planning and scheduling

    Optimized utilization of outpatient clinics and inpatient areas by coordinating patient appointments, handling waiting lists, and allocating beds

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    Patient administration and services

    Simplified registration and maintenance of patient demographic and visit information, aiding patient identification and issue coordination; streamlined coordination of communication and processes inside provider organization as well as with other healthcare providers or with patients

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    Medical documentation and activities capture

    More efficient and accurate entry of diagnoses, activities, and services rendered to ensure a reliable basis for all internal costing as well as the correctness of invoices and related revenues

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    Prevention, care, and aftercare planning

    Broader support for all care concepts around the inpatient stay, including prevention and additional cross-organizational care, enabling providers to connect patients with care services upon discharge

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    Coding and pricing controlling

    Increased transparency and accountability through improved quality and accuracy of coding for basic medical service data, thereby ensuring regulatory compliance with regard to coding

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    Case costing and controlling

    Enhanced identification and focus on profitable areas through a direct assignment of actual costs to cases (case-based orders), enabling comparison of planned and actual costs and providing support for preliminary costing for case-based orders

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    Invoicing and payment handling

    Improved accounting processes, decreased communication expenses, and reduced service and transaction costs through integrated contract management, billing, communication with payers, and automatic claims handling and dunning

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    Budget management

    Enhanced operational control through easy-to-understand summary data and budget simulations for planning purposes

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    Staff management

    Enhanced resource optimization and greater employee satisfaction through intelligent shift planning and easier access to comprehensive employee information, which supports resource decisions for daily and long-term planning and budgeting

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    Logistics support

    Reduced process costs, increased transparency into requirements and consumption, and lower warehousing and procurement costs with support and integration of replenishment processes at care unit and central level

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    Healthcare-specific analyses, reporting and statistics

    Greater ability to meet compliance requirements and drive service strategies through information provided by cost and revenue analyses as well as analyses based on preconfigured medical clinical content

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    Partner relationship management

    Optimized relationships with key partners, including patients, payers, and providers, through harmonized service offerings

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    Enterprise management and support

    Increased enterprise control and efficiency through fully integrated analytics, financials, human capital management, corporate services, and operations support

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Benefits of SAP S/4HANA for Healthcare Industry
  • Real-time financial transparency and improve efficiencies
  • Improved patient satisfaction and saving of patient time
  • Reduced manpower costs by process automation.
  • Real-time, anywhere, anytime access of information on the run through mobility platform.
  • Better patient care with simplified and reliable data access and accuracy, resulting in more informed decision making
  • Easing workload of staff through streamlining processes like Appointment, patient history data, Lab reports, easy managed claim process etc.
  • Effortless and Timely Employee payroll
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