Best SAP for Construction Industry

SAP S/4HANA for Construction Industry will help to improve your business through SAP Support for Construction Industry & SAP Solutions for Construction Industry

SAP S/4HANA for Construction Industry

Increase your Business Sales, Minimize costs using SAP S/4HANA for Construction Industry.

The Construction industry is growing at a steady pace, due to the boom in the requirement for new infrastructure and energy in the coming years. In present-day the SAP for Construction Industry environment is becoming tougher than ever before- Tight margins, strong competition, and demands for faster delivery periods, has increased dangers and this has put massive pressure on Construction and Engineering enterprises with the help of SAP S/4HANA for Construction Industry. At the same time, the cash position and liquidity is very critical to all the enterprises objective accomplishment and growth with SAP for Construction Industry.


SAP Support for Construction Industry

Key Industry Challenges:

  • Project performance, monitoring& controls
  • Perceive and allay risk early in the project lifecycle - like labour shortages whether skilled or unskilled
  • Provide managers appropriate & real-time information to help them make better decisions-unreliable contractors
  • Issues of sustainability-environment stability
  • Complexity of the Project
  • Quality and safety processes
  • Lack of Communication -Integrating workflows and approval processes from various process and stakeholders
  • Technology adoption-Avoid time and resources involved with developing firm- specific analytics content
  • Dynamic regulatory norms and compliance issues

Nexus Offering SAP Solutions for Construction Industry:

Nexus offers best SAP Solutions for Construction Industry with a 360° vision of the field assets and resources, live & active tracking of project activities in reference to project timelines and thereby predicting failures for all the on-site operations. SAP for Construction Industry is an integrated set of industry-specific solutions designed to seamlessly and effectively manage every aspect of your engineering and construction project using SAP S/4HANA for Construction Industry.

Check Features and Benefits of Our SAP for Construction Industry
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    Project and business financial analysis

    Evaluate revenue, costs and profit. Lifecycle stage-wise cost estimation, WBS costing, WBS based budgeting, scheduling with stakeholders, lead times.

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    Project and business execution analysis

    Track each components measure such as ROI, TCO value, schedule variance, and incident rate.

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    Project and business resource analysis

    Review measures such as productivity index, labor efficiency index, and equipment utilization

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    Root cause analysis

    Drill down through dashboards and reports to the base level transaction and variance records.

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    Environment and Health Safety Solution

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    State and territory Government regulations integrated and complaint. Documentation.

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    Approval process totally integrated and real-time

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    Enriched project profitability with more visibility into execution and productivity issues. Track of project variations, budget transfers adjustments

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    Improved business planning through intelligence & knowledge into performance of lines of work and business units

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    Power to the managers and support of best practices for strategic and operational performance management & efficiency- real time and digital delight

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    Enhanced agility and competitiveness due to fast information analysis and optimal decision making

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    Safety of the assets and employees of the organization.

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    Meets the government statutory regulatory compliances, documentation and reporting.