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Safe, Secured Data & Files with Nexus SAP Document Management System.

SAP Document Management System

Providing personalized and contextual expectations of the audience or customers by the digital enterprise. Nexus SAP Document Management System enables complete lifecycle management of the enterprise content - from “capture to disposal”, and also is accessible in delivering content across all operations and devices thereby creating a connected and digital workplace and as well empowering employees to expressively engage target audience with SAP Document Partner.

SAP ECM Partner

“Experience The Difference”- making information & data handy anytime & anywhere; also Experience the “FIORI Apps”

Nexus SAP ECM Partner Cockpit - is Enterprise content management system completely integrated with SAP; is user friendly and can quickly access documents stored in numerous locations of the SAP system. Users can construct a document tree structure, with the complete path and hierarchy to the location for Document Management System with SAP.

SAP DMS Partner Search and manage operations of documents (copying, sending, editing, adding, etc.) is simple and quick to manage Document Management System with SAP. With the SAP FIORI technology’s, intuitive interface option helps the user of the personalization view experience, accessing frequently the used structures, thereby greatly improving the convenience of use SAP DMS Partner.

Thanks to Nexus SAP ECM Partner, thousands of documents are warehoused in a transparent and a very neat logical manner.

- Key Benefits & Capabilities of SAP DMS Implementation

  • Document Management System crucial business life-cycle management (capture to disposal) content enabled Document Management System with SAP.
  • Document search management defined criteria search (type of document, intended usage) added links to -files, scanning, downloading, reading, filtering, copying through SAP Document Management System
  • Image Capture & Processing from multiple source– Capture and extract valuable business content (structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents) from multiple source channels with SAP DMS Implementation Company
  • Access to all documents stored in the SAP system including SAP PM and SAP RE-FX modules - from the level of one application (browser, mobile device) with SAP DMS Partner.
  • Intelligent Document Cataloging Layout & Content Based Document Cataloging Layout & Content Based Document Cataloging
  • Records Management System Archival & Management of Physical, Electronic and Social Records. Supporting different document formats like image & graphics, text documentations, PDF format, presentations, etc.
  • Rules of granting authorizations Authorized access to documents, information and files from the SAP system and SAP DMS Implementation Company.
Benefits of Nexus ECM Cockpit
  • TRANSPERANCY: File naming conventions & rules
  • SWIFTNESS: instant & quick access to the requested document
  • SIMPLICITY: easy access to documents
  • INSIGHT: User friendly SAP FIORI interface
  • INTEGRATED: access to electronic documents from one platform
  • ROLE MATRIX-SAFETY: Role based access to documents
  • COST EFFICIENT: reduced costs of operations of searching and managing documents and Document Management System with SAP
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