Asserting Identity, proving integrity – that has never been more critical Then add the Go Paperless with Digital Platform

Digital Signatures

Growing global economy, the transactions volume is growing enormously. Organizations are getting restricted by the speed of how rapidly one can accomplish the transactions and forward across to the next approver or recipient. Paper based processes typically inhibit the Digital Transformation of processes by slowing down the speed of “transaction management”. Bygone are the days of paperwork stacked in piles, all waiting for that pen stroke.

Digital Signatures: A safe & secure, reliable & trustworthy solution for your business operations.

Digital signatures are mandated because it is a consummate solution for:
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    Ensure Security
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    Paperless error-free environment
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    Establish reliable audit trail
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    Ensure Compliance
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    Reduced security concerns
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    Authenticating document legitimacy
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Automate your documentation practices & systems with “our digital signature solution “ Every organization has a policy of signing agreement documents, but it is just not modernized. Our digital signature solution affords users the capability to preview, sign digitally; and is intelligent enough to distribute signed copies automatically.

Digital Signing process Automation - End to End business process

Document signing centrally, using HSM/ pfx created signature solution, helps eliminate the manual intervention need, while invoices, contract agreement, PO, credit notes, and other business documents are added with the digital signature. Nexus solution intelligently detects the document layout and automatically places the signature in the defined locations. Scalable architecture, without making any changes in your existing ERP/SAP, provides hassle-free and real-time signing and distribution.

Prepare, act upon, Electronically Sign and manage to deliver a Great Experience.
Benefits of using digital-signature
  • Simplifies business processes and supports all signing PDF Documents (like invoices, agreements, contracts, etc.)
  • Server-side signing supported using HSMs or PFX files of document signer certificate – get this checked by the technical team whether this is solution part or not?
  • Client-side e-Tokens signing supported
  • Supports defining customized workflows
  • Supports bulk signing of files and multi-party signing
  • Notifies signer & users about uploaded files, and ready for signature and vice versa- get this checked by the technical team whether this is solution part or not?
  • Validation and verification of bulk files/documents
  • Reduced costs by elimination of follow-up and chasing for signatures
  • Rapid and quick execution of documents-workflows/routings
  • Eliminate risk and increase compliance – complete Audit Trail
  • Improve visibility and remove Bottlenecks – real time
  • Verifiable, Tamper Evident and Time Stamped
  • SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe