Winning More Clients Easily – with Innovative Relationship Management Intelligence

Business lost due to wrong communication, late responses, and missed prospects? Satisfied and happy customers advertise to the world, and similarly do the dissatisfied ones.

Our CRM solution positions customers at the very core of the heart of the business while providing the space to grow and improve. Boost business efficiency, additional sales closure, effortlessly manipulate huge numbers of customer interactions, and stay completely aware of the clients’ needs. With Nexus, rule in the complex world of customer relationships.


Companies rely upon a trustworthy & reliable CRM for Sales Success. Numerous features from the CRM solution, helps organisations in communication increase, efficiently track progress more, and work as a more unified organisation. With several valuable features, here are some of the most popular features available.

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    Sales Pipeline

    Sales Pipeline Management Managing is a crucial task, CRM solution helps in tracking potential customer progress.

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    Invoicing Inside the CRM

    Creating invoices is easier in CRM solution, it also helps in tracking time and projects progress for individual clients. All the information being in one place, users easily communicate prices with breakdown structure, view created contracts, and send off invoices for payment.

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    Customer Interaction Center

    Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. CIC provides a central point of contact for technical & non-technical queries like user management, incident handling etc.

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    Detailed Reporting

    OSave time and energy as reporting made quick and easy with our project management tool, for clients and management.

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    Lead Tracking and Web Forms

    Most important and critical feature of capturing leads is Track and trace of the information. Users can view progress as leads/prospects move through the sales funnel, providing more opportunity to proactively act at critical junctures. Web forms available for capturing Leads.

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    Omnichannel Communication

    Communication within an organisation is the key to working as a team. From live chats and comment boxes in tasks, we do not see any reason that team members are not connecting with each other.

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    Marketing Automation

    Take some work off the platter by using the marketing automation features. Create an email marketing campaign and use the tools and custom task templates to send them out on a schedule and can be renewed automatically.

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    Bots and AI

    With bots and AI, organisations just added more resources and hands helping with customer support. Utilizing these bots and AI features on your portal to answer common customer queries via chat features, releases resources for other valuable & important tasks.

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    Sales analytics

    Data crunching is the key to the better decision-making process, CRM software tool has a feature sales analytics tracking. Sales teams require and acquire this data to

    analyse the campaigns, customers demography, tracking prospects, and how to create marketing schemes. CRM solution helps sales teams strategize and budgeting for the year.
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    Mobile App

    Flexible working schedules and easy to use mobile app, organisation can access all the features on your phone. No storage trouble (cloud platform), multi-location access and meeting schedules, working on the road, or working from home; having access to all the CRM software tools through the mobile app is a fantastic advantage.

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Benefits of Nexus CRM

The many features available to organisations through Nexus CRM solution, is helping them in their marketing efforts. Some of the most popular benefits are highlighted below:

  • Complete Interactions overview with customizable reports, and single-point data access.
  • Make a lasting impression with personalized sales quotes and invoices.
  • Lead, manage, and communicate on the move
  • Visualize sales activities and move prospects quicker through the sales funnel.
  • Multiple source lead capture - web forms, messengers, emails and social media
  • Create opportunities and connect on a deeper level with development of email campaigns.