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Banking industry is facing disruptions from all sides. The sector is constantly changing due to technology evolution, new players and innovative digital business models at faster speed and scale, If banking industry willingly and boldly acts to adopt digital transformation and this maturity increases and is correlated to better efficiency, thereby rising returns on investment. The decisions taken by banks today will affect the business on many levels—instantly and into the future. Keen privileged leaders recognize this, and are willing to seize this opportunity a digital transformation will provide to strategize and position the business for greater resilience and productivity.

Why Should Banking Sector Adopt SAP S/4 HANA? Augment Customer Experience

The SAP S/4 HANA ERP plays a significant role in bringing the digital transformation into the banking industry whether it is in the commercial banking operations, finance and risk management, retail banking and loan management, and boosting up the payment methods and communications.

S/4 HANA offers apt solutions to digitalize that experience. The key areas are-
  • Personalization of Commerce

    creating and maintaining the customer profile using data resources; to retarget departed users by customer-centric campaigns.
  • Consent-Based Marketing

    To target more customers and generate increased sales leads
  • Self Service Digital Banking Services

    allows decreasing the Total Cost of Ownership and increases customer experience
  • Omnichannel Customer Solutions

    exceling customer expectations by offering real-time powerful analytics and intuitive dashboard insights
  • Optimizing the Marketing Channels

    more visibility and control over the marketing process
  • - Single-Window Customer Service

    one-source window to gain insight into your customer and provide a customized experience to boost traffic
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Moving your Banking System to SAP S/4 HANA SAP S/4 HANA is the best tool for digital transformation, permitting the banking industry to stay current with technology. With digital disruption sweeping across all industries, it is time that banks move forward with automated solutions. Get in touch with Nexus SAP subject matter experts and modernise the banking and customer experience.

Nexus provides services for the following SAP Banking solutions
Banking Services Sourcing & Procurement
  • Corporate Treasury Management: Trading platform integration
  • Payments management: Automated payment process
  • Invoice Management
  • Invoice Processing
Finance & Risk Cash & Liquidity Management
  • Account & Financial Close
  • Enterprise Risk compliance: Audit management
  • Financial Planning & Analytics: Management Reporting, Overhead Cost Management, Product
  • costing, Profitability Analysis
  • Risk management: Credit Risk Management
  • Account Processing
  • Automated Payments processing
Banking Application Processing Real Estate Management
  • Account Receivable
  • Collections management
  • Contract Account
  • Credit Evaluation & Management
  • Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment
  • Contract Lease Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Leasing Account Management & Compliance
  • Development & Sales
  • Maintenance & Repairs
Digital Customer Engagement Governance Risk & Compliance
  • Digital Customer Experiences
  • Campaign Management & Optimisation
  • Contract Account
Accelerators developed by Nexus:
Post-dated cheque process Streamlined, automated MT940 solution in AR Process
  • Simplified and automated
  • Faster cheque clearing process-Enhanced imaging and automation technologies
  • Record management – safe custody, & accessing/withdrawal of post-dated cheques
  • Shorter processing cycles - keeping track of PDCs presentation dates/due dates
  • Automatic bank entry on the Due Date- system will pass Accounting Entry: (Vendor to Bank Out A/c)
  • Real-time processing of the complete PDC Process
  • Automatic clearing - all Noted item cleared
  • Reduction in Operating cost greatly
  • Capturing - the “Reference number/Transaction number/ UTR Number”
  • No duplicated entry posting - Log table created where same set of entry or same file can’t be reprocessed using our report
  • Seamless interfacing between SAP and bank portal
  • 75-80% entries will be posted/cleared as per the match criterion
  • Direct JV posting for entries of Bank expense/interest paid
EMI Process Fixed deposits management - Simple, intuitive, integrated and automated
  • Automatic Generation of EMI Line Items based on data with Cheque No increment
  • Automatic Process to Post Noted Item in SAP (no need to open future Posting Period)
  • Automatic Posting From Noted item to Create Account Entry (Vendor to Bank and Interest to Prepaid)
  • Reporting required for Already Posted EMI/Not Posted EMI/Future Posting EMI for Month & Year
  • Reporting with Future Year(s) payable for each
  • Header and Line item report in ALV
  • FD Accrued Interest, Automatic Calculation and Approval
  • Automatic Accrued interest posting to respective company Code
  • Flexibility to Change PC based on company code
  • Type of FD - Fresh/Renewal, Lock in Date if any with remark for reporting
  • Reduce IT spend- streamlined back-office processes & increased automation
  • Reports using SAP ALV with Display Variants: Reports can be downloaded to Excel

Jumpstart your Banking transformation voyage with Nexus BFSI solutions: Our banking consulting services is powered by deep industry knowledge & experience and backed by global presence. Nexus help you steer your transformation with the latest technology, design thinking and agility, while also energizing your legacy systems—at a speed that is accurate for your enterprise.