IT Asset Management

Linking business processes, asset management, and support thereby creating ecosystem - crucial to IT.
Crucial to IT

Asset management is the documentation of all the organisations physical assets, assets performance at any point of time, data comprising of operating costs, contractual obligations, and any other pertinent information. This data is very crucial to gather and kept in a repository, throughout the asset lifespan. Capturing and storing this asset data (hardware system tracking, softwares & licenses, ticket history, and even non-IT assets) in one repository aids and improves IT asset management; to boost the overall productivity of the organization.

Shape the single & solid foundation for your IT assets

Suite of Asset Management Solutions - Reduced Asset Total Cost of Ownership and Improved Efficiency

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    Benefit from asset visibility, entrust IT change management, true asset information & thereby improved utilization

    Manage comprehensive IT Asset Lifecycle History
    Track & trace -Implement serialized asset
    Automate business Process by Barcode/QR code scanning
    User friendly tools for members usage
    Perform regular IT Asset Audits
    Set thresholds on stock quantity
    Centralized Repository System

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    Asset Explorer

    Robust IT asset tracker
    Excellent reporting – tracking & tracing
    Automated identification solution - all the organizations’ IT assets
    Scan for new procured hardware and software
    IT assets - Identify location, user assignment, and any other information

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    Manage and control assets - throughout lifespan

    Single view platform from anywhere -, through asset lifespan phases – whether purchase, maintenance, depreciation, or disposal.
    Single view of event scheduling and calendar
    Template based asset workflows saving time on repetitive processes

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    Enable Proactive Contract and License Management

    License Planning- procurement cycle
    Proactively find out Contract violations and timely notifications
    Quicken up contract renewals with automated approval workflows

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    Single SaaS Platform in Discovering, Managing and Optimizing

    360° view of SaaS solutions
    Optimized usage with insight-driven actions.

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Features of the solution
Asset Assignment Asset Kitting Barcode/QR code Check-outs & returns
User assignment for accountability Asset bundling for quick actions Customised Bar/QR code generation for asset tracing Deployment and returns of assets with workflow
Contract Management Compliance trace & track Lifespan history Service, Repair & Maintenance tracking
Contract expiration alerts & notification Reinforced guidelines for conformity & SLAs
Warranty management
Planning, Visibility, and forecasting of asset Repairs, service and maintenance planning
Depreciation User Ticketing Document attachment Software Licensing
Calculation of the asset and retirement tracking Maintenance ticketing and tracking Asset wise storage of attachments & documents Recording of assets, assigned to user & equipment
Mobile App
Asset Management Inventory management Audits & Physical Verifications Movement History
Access and update asset information
Procurement details to their discard
Track of PO
Stock levels
Streamlined management
Scanning of Asset tags is possible using a mobile phone camera. Audits enabled on any smartphone remotely
Create and assign audits based on different categories and asset location, help to keep asset count
track events and changes made in the recent past or history
Addition of Asset Inventory receipts & issuance, transfers Scanning of Barcodes/QR Codes Integration with Handheld Devices
Add newly purchased assets
Status of the asset purchased
Stock transfer location wise
Track & trace of stock dynamically, easily & precisely
Add documents and create assets in mobile Complete integration with all types of handheld devices
Reject or discard of Asset Ticketing process Role based application
Dispose or remove long term asset
Accounting best practice
raise tickets or queries
SMS & mail notification
Ticket status-open/assigned/pending/closed
Role based authorisation for functionalities
Asset Access information Maintenance Scheduling Emails & Notifications
Asset details like pending actions, tickets, audits, add, updates, etc. Plan maintenance scheduling
Create checklists of periodic tasks maintenance.
Track pending activities using filters to generate customised reports.
SMS, mailers or send notification. Notified of all the transactional data feed like add or reject, ticket status etc.