Artificial Intelligence – Create the “Tomorrow, “changing “The Technology” for the HUMANITY evolution!

What is Artificial intelligence?

Next Era Digital Enterprise – The AI Paradigm - Changing and rationalizing IT and Business procedures by leveraging AI and Cloud

In today’s era, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is deeply changing the technique of how the “businesses” operate. Combining leading-edge knowledge & technology, is enabling machines to “think”, “comprehend”, thereby executing responsibilities/routine jobs up till now carried out by humans. AI can be considered - an intelligent computer program or a machine capable of reasoning, & possess the ability to process & understand human language, problem-solving, and learning. Focus is on augmenting human activities – ability to perform human activities, take decisions on behalf of humans.

The critical elements of building such intelligent solutions are
Compute Power
Algorithms and

Access to such large dataset is providing a conclusive competitive benefit “to understand”, “predict” and even prod consumer performance & actions. AI as a set of technologies and building blocks that span across a gamut of various capabilities

Nexus offers a wide range of machine learning services, harnessing machine intelligence in capturing the untapped segments of business models. We position machine learning models and using AI/ML in providing solutions for businesses and allowing organizations to stay one step ahead in the market competition. Nexus’s data scientists analyse, evaluate and prepare data via interactive data analysis and visualization techniques in creating machine learning models. Nexus’s data science capabilities enable it to leverage ML and Deep Learning for various business operations and the solutions include:

AI Solutions - AI Software Development –

With the help of AI technology, Nexus’ subject matter expert team is transforming & helping organizations solve the business challenges & goals, thereby fueling growth, in the various industry segment like healthcare, e-commerce, marketing and logistics. Notwithstanding the fact, whatever be the client’s requirement – building access control system, invoice processing apps or face recognition implementation, enhancing the customer experience and automatized business processes, Nexus is the right partner to help to find the right solution for all your AI needs!

We deliver state-of-the-art solutions whether “to find”, “capture”, or “extract data automatically” from unstructured documents cutting down the manual acts.

AI & Machine Learning Services

Transforming Business with Customised AI programs
End to end artificial intelligence (AI) products & solutions development necessitates involvement of assortment of people roles and knowledge. Here at Nexus, “using our best”, delivering appropriate and impactful customised AI software, and big data solutions fulfilling the businesses unique needs. Working to propel the business thereby helping to innovate with minimum risk and improved results.

Text analytics & Natural Language Program Services - programs designed to the client’s unique requirements

Text being used for data collection, for mood and sentiment assessment; Nexus being experts in artificial intelligence applications of text analytics like – developing natural language processing AI models, text mining.


Nexus has created APIs for Natural Language Programming (NLP) helping the clients analyze any text data whether from social media or other sources to uncover targeted audience insights - using the API, the business can understand the users/audience better by detecting “sentiment”, “interests”, “gender”, “age”, and more.

Increase the “customer engagement and satisfaction rates” for product marketing strategy with the power of Natural Language Processing

Uncover the evolving trends and hidden opportunities of your “DATA”

Sifting through ever increasing volumes of text data, swiftly and diligently identifying key idea or themes. Extract main terms, analyze sentiment, and thereby finding correlation between text terms & words with the exact grouping of natural language processing, machine learning and deep learning methods, and linguistic rules. This method in turn helps in providing the correct information to the target audience as and when they need it.

Take fast quick decisions from your data

Establish & boost decision making in reducing gaps between received information & when acted upon

Nurture collaboration & information sharing in an open system

Provide flexible ecosystem supporting entire analytics lifecycle

Enhance workflow analytics with automation

Intelligent algorithms & NLP techniques help in detecting relations and sentiments in text data eliminating manual work

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    Semantic ontology

    text mining & deep structured knowledge

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    Sentiment Analytics

    classify content opinion & rating aiding market strategy & product development

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    Information Extraction

    extract exact information data match- like names, keywords, web-links

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    Data Filtering

    Classify content data-blogs, tweet, posts

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    Secure your Data

    Intelligence about content users following interests thereby creating personalised experience

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