Simple, Single Integrated Vendor Portal – Manage, Bill and Collaborate

Vendor Portal

Consolidate, Automate and Collaborate your contracts processes into one uniform platform efficiently with all legal compliances at every stage.

Every Enterprises’ business strategy is to address the critical supply chain or sourcing process by making it robust and a sustainable model, thereby achieving the cost reductions and saving finance and resources. Finding a vendor & sustaining the vendor for long with the best pricing is a very humongous task. Sustained cost savings is achieved by identifying the cost-cutting opportunities, designing & executing the supplier qualification & evaluation, selection & on boarding process, and finally creating contracts that convert them into actual savings; and this process necessitates being able to identify & evaluate the sourcing decision cost impact, shortening of time and administrative tasks.


Strategic and effective Supply Chain Management provides the enterprises the highest level of opportunity to impact the value, quality, and performance metrics of the supply chain. Addressing this is the quickest paths to lower costs and thereby improving revenues, but growing globalization, spiraling energy and commodity costs, and contracting supply markets have restricted many businesses from achieving their full sourcing potential & vision.

WHY Nexus Vendor Portal Solution

The Nexus Vendor Portal solution has been designed to assist & support companies to solve these sourcing challenges. Vendor Portal is accepted offering in the market today. It helps the business to create and implement best value contracts tailored to their requirements.

Vendor Portal solution is the most widely adopted and complete strategic sourcing offering in the marketplace used by most of the business enterprises to design and implement competitive best-value agreements. Nexus Vendor Portal solution permits companies from any industry, size, or geography to guide and achieve sustainable outcomes by automating and streamlining critical business processes across the sourcing lifecycle including:

Policy design & development

Recognize savings prospects, assess market forces at work, and develop an intelligent sourcing strategy.

Sourcing &

Recognize, evaluate &qualify vendors, negotiate best-value contracts, derive optimum & award allocations, collaborate, and standardize best practices and thereby manage knowledge

Monitor and managing vendors and contracts

Quick supplier agreements implementation, track and realize savings& value, manage supplier performance

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    Request for Sourcing

    Request for new vendor and material sourcing

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    AI Extract

    Upload data/extract & match the data received from vendors and finally creation & storage of the vendor data

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    Vendor Qualification

    Vendor eligibility process and confirmation of the vendor into the system

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    Discussions and finalization of the contracts

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    Sign & seal of contracts, e-signature of contracts

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    Assurance of the delivery of the contractual terms and governance

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    Analytics and data storage

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    Assuring the conformance of the terms and conditions as well as the governance statutory requirements

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    Vendor and contract creation role-based authorization

Technical features
Functional Features
  • RFX creation and management – A broad set of RFX types, including requests for information, requests for proposals, reverse auctions, and forward auctions
  • To third-party systems Integration through Web services and file transfer protocols
  • Savings pipeline and tracking
  • Integrated supplier discovery
  • Patented competitive bidding and timing options
  • Matrix and tiered pricing
  • Bid optimization and decision support
  • Supplier response management
  • Team grading and collaborative scoring
  • Conditional content, table questions, and event prerequisites
  • Communications and messaging
  • Global, multilingual, and multicurrency capabilities
  • Workflow and approval management
  • Document management
  • Knowledge management
  • Resource management
Why Choose Nexus Vendor Portal Solution?

Nexus can help in the deployment of customized Vendor Portal for your business.


The team of Nexus can assist in visualizing all the process of suppliers.


Vendor Portal Solution designed by Nexus, will act as the bridge to pass documents back and forth with the vendors.


Nexus will make sure that the license, insurance certificates and other important documents are timely updated in the Vendor Portal.