SAP for Utility Industry

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SAP S/4HANA for Utility Industry

The Major transition is happening in the Utility Industry which demands revolutionizing putting the customer in the centre of the business and focusing on product service and SAP S/4HANA for Utility Industry to increase the product value in the market.


SAP Support for Utility Industry: Production locations being relocated and the world population structure changing with the calculable consumption of fossil fuels is forcing the countries to look for new areas in terms of energy supply. The SAP Support for Utility Industry to be devised and ensure for future supply of energy; and to improve energy consumption efficiency by all.


Industry Challenges :

  • Technology
  • Investments – new technology, infrastructure: smart grids, smart meters
  • Regulations & Compliances – Greenhouse gas emission effects
  • Massive Urbanization–change from villages to smart cities
  • Big Data management – into relevant data means to store that information, as well as the ability to sift through it and identify actionable insights
The enterprises will need to evaluate the business process & technology landscape.

Enabling the companies to decide the required changes in the technology platform, wide-ranging, mature and integrated solution.


Diligent to choose the right renewal strategy delivering productivity, automation and process standardization.

Key Benefits of SAP for Utility Industry

Power & Energy solution: Quick & Cost Beneficial Route to “Efficiency, Enhancement” & perfection

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Business case creation
Digital Delivery
Continuous Improvement
Enterprise Asset Management

Portfolio and Project Management -

  • Develop new products services based on value-driven investment decisions.

Asset Operations and Maintenance

  • Streamlined & optimized asset retention and restoration maintenance

Asset Performance Management

  • digitally with a central data foundation across all assets to perfect reality from design to operation.
  • SAP Portfolio and Project Management
  • SAP Enterprise Project Connection
  • SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management
  • SAP IoT Application Enablement
Meter, Energy, and Water Data Management

Device Operations and Maintenance -

  • enhanced warehouse and workforce processes supporting mass meter installation and maintenance

Meter Reading and Energy Data Management

  • - efficient, reliable, and scalable processing of metering and profile data for accuracy

Utilities Planning and Analytics -

  • Streamline planning, execution, and monitoring of metering-related processes with flexible analytics.
  • SAP Process Integration
  • SAP Process Integration
    • SAP Cloud for Energy
    • Energy Analysis
    Customer Experience and Service Excellence

    Empowering Sales to Sell More-

    • enable your sales force to deliver exceptional customer experiences and sell

    Customer Service Excellence -

    • Achieve customer service excellence with every service interaction
    Bill to Cash

    Billing of Energy, Water, and Services

    • Support all activities related to billing and revenue management for energy, water, and services.

    Revenue Management for Energy, Water, and Services support -

    • revenue management of energy, water, and services activities

    Subscription Management –

    • Real time Convert high-volume subscription and usage-based services
    • SAP Convergent Charging

    Features of SAP for Utility Industry


    Meter Management

    • Interval Reads
    • Meter reading management

    Contract Billing management

    • Order fulfilment
    • Spot Pricing

    Account Accounting

    • Complaint Management
    • Market communication

    Data Migration

    • Accelerated data management
    • Object definition and mapping
    • Upload strategy
    Use of SAP S/4HANA for Utility Industry
    • Profound industry knowledge:Business specific and process knowledge<

      Guaranteed to suit the specific needs SAP S/4HANA for Utility Industry and a wide variety of enterprises.

    • Delivery Capabilities:Ability to harness all skills, capabilities and resources in order to gain competitive advantage

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    • SAP implementation experience:

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