Real Sweet Rewards with SAP Digital Transformation

The “Greatest challenges”

The “Greatest challenges” being faced by Sugar industry today, as sugar being highly controlled, and additionally many uncertainties like weather, government policies dynamic changes, import/export regulatory affairs and global demand dynamics, therefore handling the sugar production process poses the greatest challenge. A cutting-edge ERP solution will improve visibility, increased throughput and thereby laying the groundwork for higher efficiency within operations.

Nexus’ has vast knowledge and experience of Sugar industry is offering SAP S4 HANA sugar industries solution.

A comprehensive, and customised solution to industry requirement, with integrated cane management system managing every characteristics of sugar business operations, including financials, production planning from crop to sugar sale, management of by-products and plant maintenance. The solution also addresses the business processes of allied industries – distillery, cogeneration, bio-products, etc., thereby integrating the complete business requirement of cane to crush and final settlement. The solution helps sugar industry organizations by quicker decision making, optimized inventory, transparency and best practices in standardizing the business process.

Enterprise Solution to Sugar Industries comprises of:
  • Pre-Configured & ‘Templatized’ SAP Solution
  • Web based Cane Procurement and Management System, Integrated with SAP
  • SAP FIORI – Apps designed for tracking and approval process
Business Benefits
Growth Enablement
  • Ensure customers run each business process in the most efficient manner, thereby compete and grow
De-Risking the investment
  • Make partner commitment with the customer through their IT transformation journey. A preconfigured solution which is tried and time-tested, thereby eliminating the complexities and risks.
Faster realization of business goals
  • Template Solution precisely designed for sugar industry ensuring that most of the requirements are completely addressed..
Dependable solutions
  • Incorporates industry Best Practices, which is the accomplishment of Nexus’s experience working with customers worldwide
Correct Size for customer’s need
  • Nexus is providing solutions to their customers that are right fit for their business operations. Our domain expertise is key in manufacturing and cane management process, . The features and functionalities required for sugar production processes are defined, pre- mapped and built into the solution. The online solution configurator provides the option of availing features and functionalities as applicable to your business.
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