Fund Management

Simply managing demand and supply of cash/cash equivalents, money and money reciprocals in todays’ global market.
Financial Supply Chain Management

Organisations customarily, have been focusing maximum time and resources in managing the Supply Chain Metrics and not concentrating by giving time and attention to the organisations financial planning and resourcing. As the costs are continuing to rise, it has become imperative to concentrate and devote time and resource in managing the company’s cash and working capital requirements.

Business Challenges – main issues:
  • Contacting your customers to chase for payments.
  • Being able to record and track customer disputes.
  • Ensuring that you provide significant mitigation for bad debt issues.

SAP brought out SAP FSCM suite of applications to manage this money market and working capital requirement more adequately and productively, therefore helping organizations to manage the costs and expenses related to this demand and supply procedure better.

FSCM functionalities can be leveraged in these vital business segments for more efficiency - working capital management, receivables management and payments cost management. 4 broad functionality segments supporting all financial management and other business process integration:


Financial and Management Accounting


Financial Supply Chain Management


Treasury and Risk Management


Corporate Governance

FSCM solution offerings from Nexus:

Nexus have confidence in providing pioneering business solutions to the clients resulting into cost saving for the organisation finance and operations. Our solutions offerings are as follows:

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    Biller Direct

    prominent capacity in electronic invoicing and installments. Clients and providers can get to invoicing and installment data, furnishes consistent incorporation with the bookkeeping framework and provides to deal with electronic installment and settlement forms.

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    Collections Management

    helps to improve the efficiency of assortments. User friendly as it is simple for operators to identify and distinguish issue records or issues.

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    Cash management and Liquidity Management

    preconfigured segments & functionality improving the capacity to evaluate and answer to the money and liquidity positions.

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    Treasury and risk management

    overseeing money related exchanges and budgetary risks in the business. Integrated - with Financial, Banking, Information System, and Accounting

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    Credit Management

    Provides with functionality to manage credit policies and risks associated with the receivables centrally - even for scenarios where the business is supported by multiple instances across the globe. Brings in functionality of managing complex customer credit account hierarchies and rules associated with it

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    Dispute Management

    Enabled and automation of manual activities involved in payment and receivables management disputes in electronic form. Improved integration and information workflows across multiple stakeholders involved to resolve the disputes.

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    SAP in-house Cash

    visualize net records, group money receipts, and installments on a regional premise, and thereby, reduce exchange intercompany installments costs.

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    SAP Bank Communication Manager (BCM)

    Enabling role matrix and different levels of approvals for outgoing payments using the Workflow methodology. Based on approved credit limits, routing of payments to authorized approvers, and transfer from Bank website to SAP.

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Some of the key benefits of our SAP FSCM solution offering:
  • Create own rules to calculate the credit score against a customer.
  • Predict cash flow and proficient cash management
  • Manual activities reduced
  • Real-time insights into organisations financials
  • Managing operating expenses, working capital and receivables efficiently- reduced debtors and increased customer payments
  • Reduced cost and expenses
  • Enhanced workflows and authorisation process
  • Integrated with vendor and customers with minimum infrastructure needs

Having achieved a unique position in delivering solutions on SAP-FSCM platforms successfully; we commit that we would be the trusted partner in your financial journey. Contact us today to get started!